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    Hi I am new and I just got my afo brace. I have nf and I have tumors all through my body. I have a drop foot and I was just fitted for my brace. I am having trouble finding shoes. It has to be able to tie to keep my brace secure..Where do you find dress shoes?

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    You can find extra wide shoes that work better with an AFO at Zappos, Footsmart, or Maryland Square websites. Also, if your shoes are at least 1 size different for each foot, you can get Nordstrom's to split a pair for you. This is a service they offer at no extra charge for PWD if you buy the shoes from them (they started as a shoe store).

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      Oh WOW have I got good news for you!

      I just went to Miami on Christmas vacation, and of course, went shopping. Stumbled upon the New Balance shoe store in The Falls in Miami, thank God!

      I had been wearing NB tennis shoes for years and years (my back pain always seemed somewhat relieved a bit when wearing NB) and I developed an appreciation for their quality and USA-made product. However, I too, recently received my first AFO and had the shoe-fitting problem. I bought longer,wider shoes and thought those would work but they all ended up in the donation box for Goodwill.

      The owner of the store was there and he and the employees are all certified professional fitters (I forgot the exact title, but it's similar to an orthotist, but for shoes. They know all about AFOs, KAFOs, etc).

      They explained what features I need to have in a shoe for the AFO-leg, and proceeded to show me SEVERAL styles, some of which are DRESS SHOES!!!! They have Mary Janes, walking shoes, running shoes (ha ha, with an AFO, LOL) casual shoes, etc.

      Google "New Balance Store" for a store near your area or go to their website for a store search. I firmly believe even if you have to travel to a nearby state to go into the store, it is WELL worth it!!! What a blessing it was to walk out of that store in less than an hour with 2 pairs of decent-looking and heavenly-feeling, well-fitting shoes and not cry anymore over pinched toes, pinched places on my foot, sloppy heels, floppy heels, yada yada.

      I would recommend New Balance to anyone with foot issues, let alone an AFO/brace. They are truly well-educated, know their product, and can custom order for you if needed. It was likely one one of the best, if not THE best purchases I made during the entire year of 2009!!!!!

      They also have a points plan for future purchases (through the issuing store) and online purchasing, also, once you've been fitted. (You TRULY get a fitting with these professionals!).

      Hope this helps, because it really helped me!

      (formerly SeabeeMom)


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        I am going to have to find a Nordstrom again.....I appreciate their thoughtfulness in splitting pairs. I need true dress shoes, too.


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          Shoes that work with AFO or braces in general

          Originally posted by Draggin' Lady View Post
          I am going to have to find a Nordstrom again.....I appreciate their thoughtfulness in splitting pairs. I need true dress shoes, too.
          I found a wonderful company called Grundman Shoe in Vincennes Indiana while looking for myself, they made me two custom pairs of hi-top shoes; which if your insurance covers this are something that they are familiar in helping with. Any style any color to your liking, even leather colors if you can provide the number inside an existing manufactured shoe.They are also an Orthopedic Appliance Lab, which helps even more; forth generation business too. You can find them easily by Googling Grundman Shoe.


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            Thanks for the tip, FescueBlue! I'm going to do just that and see if they can help me with something decent-looking and fun colors for a cruise I am going on this summer.


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              One good way to cover up your AFO's, is to Ugg boots. I found some really cute pairs that are stretchy and sock like but still fashionable. I just pull them up as high as they can go and pull my jeans down over them to my heal. And there you have it problem solved! :-)