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A few concerns about bladder prolapse.

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  • A few concerns about bladder prolapse.

    Okay, so I am really quite worried about this and will be calling people tomorrow. In the meantime though, I wonder if anyone can calm my nerves. Can a young person get a prolapsed bladder? What are the causes? Is there anything else that can cause the appearance of a prolapse or can some people just naturally have some bumps 'down there'. I noticed it sometime ago but it's playing on my mind a bit now.

    I'm not sure if I'm worrying unnecessarily. For a few years I have been telling my spinal consultant about pain in that region but they always pass any pain off as nerve pain, including these complaints.

    Anyone had experience of this?

    I also have always had irregular and heavy periods if that might suggest something else which causes the appearance of a bump.

    I'm really concerned

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    get an appointment with a urologist. I had a bladder sling, and until I got on the trampoline (dummy me!) it worked fine, now it's tipped. Oh well, live & learn.
    Check in with a GYN about your periods.
    Just my opinion...


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      I have a prolasped bladder but as I have a lot of difficulty initiating a stream, weak voiding and a residual of around 150mL I have been told that they don't want to touch it at the moment as any intervention may result in an inability to urinate at all. I also feel a 'bulge' but it doesn't cause any pain as such but I don't have much sensation there anyway and still can't activate my pelvic floor. I'm pretty convinced all these problems originate from my original injury which was a massive herniated and sequentered disc at L5 and S1. The main problem I get is as a very active cyclist - this sort of problem and a bicycle seat don't always mix!

      Oh - I also used to get very heavy periods and spotting in between which is why I went to the gyn in the first place. It was totally unrelated and turned out to be polyps in my cervix - removed surgically, had a mirena inplanted and haven't had a problem since.


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        I'm seeing a nurse tomorrow, I expressed my concerns over the phone and she said that she will come out and see me and then take it from there. This will be good to get an opinion from someone while I wait for an appointment with someone more specialised.

        From my reading I can't see why I'd have a prolapse of any kind. No children, am young and use catheters so no straining of any kind goes on. Still, it's a worry.

        Thanks for your replies. I was wondering if it was a common thing to happen if injured and thought I might get bit of an influx of comments.


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          Perhaps a polyp? I have had urethral polyps, they are a small bump of essentially normal tissue but in a funny spot.