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Jabberwocky - New Android Accessibility App

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    Jabberwocky - New Android Accessibility App

    Hi, my name is Aaron Chavez and I am co-founder of an assistive technology startup whose mission is to provide easy and complete access to mobile devices for people who have limited upper body mobility.

    We recently launched Jabberwocky, a free Android app that controls your entire phone or tablet with just head movement. You can email, browse the internet, watch videos and use any existing app on the device without ever touching the screen.

    Jabberwocky requires an Android device that supports Google's ARCore ( If you cannot install on your device, please confirm your device is on this list.

    For more information:
    - Download free on Google Play Store:
    - Press Release:
    - Website:

    Please feel free to reach out to for more information.


    It's not for PCs, but if you have access to an Android phone or tablet, you might try's a free app that enables control of the whole device just using head movement to control a cursor, and a mouth-opening gesture for "tapping" the screen.

    (Disclaimer: I am the creator of Jabberwocky)