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Custom Wheelchair Parts/Mods and Bearing Tools

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    Custom Wheelchair Parts/Mods and Bearing Tools

    Howdy everyone, (cause i'm in Texas)

    I am a long time reader of this board, first time poster. My son uses a wheelchair and I have learned a lot from the members of this forum. Thank you.

    I have been adapting and making wheelchair parts like footplates, side guards, 3d printed grips and now wheelchair bearing removal tools for myself and friends.

    You can see more examples of different projects here:

    I would love to do more of this.

    If you have every wanted to modify your wheelchair or had an idea to make it better or just wanted a custom footplate or side guards, contact me either via the message system here or at I machine in mostly aluminum and plastic but do carbon fiber, steel and some stainless steel as well.

    If you want to remove and replace the bearings on your wheelchair and have been looking for tools to do that i have created a whole set at

    I would love to turn this into a bigger thing so please let me know if you are interested.


    Sami Rahman

    If you would like to reach me, please do so at and on online maker resource for people with a disability.


      I have gotten comments about how to reach me. You can contact me via