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GEKKO ? The new ultimate wheelchair handrim

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  • GEKKO ? The new ultimate wheelchair handrim

    Hi All,

    We got several emails regarding our tetra push rims ?Curve L Tetra Grip? (former Curve Grip L) in the last days with recuirring questions. Hopefully I can answer those with following informations.

    CarboLife push rims for tetrapelgics (?Curve L Tetra Grip? and ?Quadro?) offer a much bigger contact surface compared to standard coated push rims. The benefits are:
    • better performance and efficiency
    • greater control over the wheelchair (for pushing and breaking)

    We recommend for C4 ? C5/6 tetraplegics (without triceps function) our brand new ?Quadro?push rims (available from march/april 2016, official product launch on NAIDEX Show in Birmingham/UK in April). C5/6 (with at least less triceps function) ? C8 tetrapelgics should use our ?Curve L Tetra Grip? push rims. Both patented push rim profiles are special shaped according to the typical hand position of tetraplegics while propelling (see picture below of our new Quadro push rim).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Quadro Prototyp-Test.jpeg
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    We use for our tetraplegic push rims the most robust and sticky available coating on the market ?Tetra Gripp? from the german company Tetra Equipment. Their push rims are known in North America as ?Q-Grips? from Out-Front (Out-Front is the exclusive North American distributor

    Retail prices will be as follows:
    • Curve L Tetra Grip 350$/Pair + free standard shipping (promo price until the end of june 2016, regular 450$)
    • Quadro 350$/Pair + free standard shipping (promo price until the end of june 2016, regular 450$)

    We will have an Online-Shop on our website from April on (relaunch website) with promo prices on all our products until the end of june 2016, also for our ergonomic push rims for paraplegics and unique carbon fenders. In the meantime you can request more information or place orders with promo prices to Payment is via Paypal. We are also looking for dealers in North America.

    Best regards,

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    GEKKO ? The new ultimate wheelchair handrim

    Hello CareCure members,
    we have developed and patented a new wheelchair handrim which combines perfect ergonomics with a replaceable rubber strip in the "thump area". Your thump can stay on the rubber strip even when you go downhill or down a ramp with low speed (step speed) to retain full control over your wheelchair. At step speed your thump skin gets warm but you don?t burn your skin like other dual grip handrims. The rubber strip is integrated into the handrim profile by a robust formfit. (You can only pull it out by destroying the rubber strip with a knife or a screw driver). And you don?t get black hands from the rubber strip.

    We recommend the GEKKO handrim for wheelchair users with full hand and finger function.

    They will be available in North America on K?schall wheelcahirs or Loopwheels from now on. In Europe also on Wolturnus, Pro Activ, Manuel Onken, Schmicking and Meyra wheelchairs.

    We will also announce our exclusive North American Distributor for Dealers on the upcoming ISS show in Nashville.

    And CareCure members will get a 10% discount untill the end of 2017 incl. free shipping (Europe and North America express shipping) when buying products in our onlineshop on and use the voucher code 1234 at the end of the order process.
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      $400-500 US
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