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    Hi Care Cure members,

    Nick Mireles here with As a T-10 para myself post 20 years. We have all been in that situation , where we forgot to order our urological supplies. The situation where you need your cath supplies stat. If that situation arrives, please take the time to give Indemedical a try. You will be very happy you did! Please take the time to read our views. We have a 9.7 out of 1 to 10 rating with over 122 reviews. We pride ourselves on customers service and timely delivery of your products. I invite any opportunity to show you what we can do. Thanks for reading here's the link to our reviews. Keep Rolling your friend. Nick

    Review from A new customer

    Talk about finding treasure trove, that is exactly with is. The merchandise is of highest quality, the prices are so reasonable and the customer service was just beyond amazing. The shipping was very quick and the packaging was done with the upmost care. My order was giving top priority with Nick!!!!! (he is so AWSOME). Mind you Nick made sure that all of my questions, quirks were answered; if he did not have an item, we researched together. Overall my experience with this company was great and I highly recommended. How could I put, it's like when Norm walked in Cheers bar, everyone knows your name and quirks...