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  • Drivemaster. Not happy

    To drive a disabled van it needs this box in it called drivemaster that is supposed to be for if your engine ever fails drivemaster kicks on and allows your zero effort steering to still work while you steer off the road. So my engine is fine, drivemaster has never been an issue for 6 years because it never had a reason to come on. But apparently after 6 years a part in drivemaster goes bad making it think your engine is off, so my car is running fine and the drivemaster alarm comes on which is a piercing shrill constant scream. 1, how is that going to help me steer off the road? 2, if my engine goes off I kinda am smart enough to know I need to get off the road without a constant ear piercing shrill. So my car that is running fine started limiting my driving by this drivemaster, and hen it comes on it drains your battery. So I took it to get serviced, the new replacement part is around $170 I think and I have to pay for shipping, and for it to be installed. So, my car as always run fine hence drivemaster box has never been used or needed, but it breaks and I have to pay for it. I know this is how companys make many extra millions and just how it works but that does not make it fair or right. I asked the guys doing the maintenance since my car was and always has run fine with the engine never dying could they please unplug drivemaster until the new part comes so I could drive with no worries? No they can't do that. So I'm disabled and my car runs fine but the drivemaster that is supposedly for my own good is actually a roadblock to my independence and me and my family are the ones who have to pay for it. What do normal people do if their engine dies while they are driving? They figure it out. For me drivemaster is not needed, and if it is, please make it more reliable to disabled people who are relying on it to help them, not hinder them.

    I love driving, just felt the need to share my feelings of unfairness My blog

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    I feel your pain but you can thank the Federal Government for all the safety regulations and other disabled individuals who sued mobility company's which made the Feds step in.

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      Quote; "other disabled individuals who sued mobility company's which made the Feds step in" That is the key of what you had to say. We are our own worst enemy. The govt. only reacts to what is demanded of them. True some folks need this sort of safety gadget. Making one available, not a required item,for folks who might require it would seem to be a better option. However, I assume any live human being would be aware of their engine failing while they are driving along. That alarm seems to be a bit of overkill, though.


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        yes it is, and it only comes on after a few years when a tiny part wears out and needs to be replaced, $170, + $80 labor an hour plus the bundle of money it took the technicians to find what the problem was, which if it's common like they tell me should not take them more than ten minutes to figure out. It's sad that the fact that a person is disabled has become a billion dollar money making industry to many My blog