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Mobility aid for incomplete lumbar region spinal cord injury

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  • Mobility aid for incomplete lumbar region spinal cord injury

    A Post Polio Syndrome patient had been successfully using one of our mobility aids for the past 10 months. During a recent meeting it was suggested that our system could also be helpful with incomplete lumbar region spinal cord injuries. I was advised to reach out directly to patient groups, and am looking for recommendations to active associations in the New England region I could contact. Our design is at the point where feedback from potential users would be very helpful. Thanks.
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    Might be good if you put Company name, phone, address, email, if you want people to contact you.


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      When individuals or groups are reaching out to the community for feedback it is ok to post a contact email in the Equipment Forum but not a web link. Web links are only allowed in the Manuf & Vendor Forum.


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        I've posted an update on some of our Research and Development work at the Spaulding Hospital $150K Innovation Challenge Please take a moment to register and vote to support our efforts. We'll also be submitting a proposal next month for a funded trial study that would start in August. I could use help identifying potential trial site partners in the Boston area. Thank you.