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Free copy of KnowBrainer 2015 and Dragon Professional Individual Review

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    Free copy of KnowBrainer 2015 and Dragon Professional Individual Review

    Free copy of KnowBrainer 2015

    Before reading our DPI review I wanted to share with the membership that KnowBrainer 2015 command/efficiency software has had many new commands and features added and is still completely free to Dragon NaturallySpeaking users with physical disabilities. KnowBrainer 2015 is a third-party command utility that adds thousands of commands to Dragon, simplifies the NaturallySpeaking learning curve, substantially increases your efficiency and includes our patented ability to verbally create personalized advanced scripting VB & .Net commands. KnowBrainer additionally includes the ability to access built-in Windows speech recognition commands like Display Numbers. In many ways, KnowBrainer is superior to DNS Professional which utilizes dated command technology. KnowBrainer 2015 also includes an ultra dynamic sidebar that not only displays all available application-specific/window specific (depending on what application you are using) and Global commands but additionally displays the name of the last command you deployed. Unlike the Dragon Sidebar, you can verbally or manually double-click any KnowBrainer Command for editing because the KnowBrainer Sidebar doubles as a Command Browser. KnowBrainer also includes new open ended command technology and we have included about 2 dozen commands that take advantage of this technology like Google , Search Contacts for, Spanish Translation for and Search Computer for "letterhead?. Click KnowBrainer 2015 PowerPoint Presentation for additional details. If you would like a free copy of KB 2015 you can request for one here

    Overview of Dragon Professional Individual (Dragon 14)

    First and foremost Dragon 14 Individual (Professional Individual) is basically an upgrade, as far as Professional users are concerned, and in my opinion not too far removed from what you would have expected from Dragon Professional 13.5, with the notable exception of no roaming user profiles and networking. If you need the roaming profiles then you will have to wait for Dragon 14 Group. If you are a Premium user it is a major upgrade. However bear the following in mind:

    If you are a new user to Dragon and you need to use the Professional version then basically the price is now much much cheaper. Alternatively you could say that if you are a new user to Dragon and you need the Premium version than it is now a bit more expensive but has greatly enhanced functionality.

    So apart from the new marketing presentation (Individual and Group), as far as Professional users go, just think of this as an upgrade (minus roaming users) THAT DOESN'T COME FREE with the following enhancements (see comprehensive list below from help file):

    Office-16 support
    much better interoperability with Windows 10
    improved transcription flow,
    connects to the cloud for Dragon Anywhere,
    has improved Help,
    Better What Can I Say and discoverability
    Reduced the number of pop-ups to present info.
    Auto Text Commands

    Similarities include:

    It's the same speech engine and pretty much the same UI

    Notable exceptions:

    Select-and-Say for Microsoft Edge is not currently available, the best you will get is with programs like SpeechStart+ where Show Numbers, Show Flags et cetera will still do what they have always done.


    1. Should I upgrade from DNS Professional 13?

    Depends on your perspective.

    If you need the roaming users definitely not, if you use Windows 10, value all of the enhancements above (or detailed enhancements below) and do not need roaming users it is recommended. If you need roaming users then wait for Professional Group.

    1. Should I upgrade from Premium 13?

    I would say yes without doubt but if you don't need all the extra functionality that Professional Individual will give you or value the enhancements detailed below from the help file then perhaps not. However bear in mind that you will have to upgrade at some point if you want to continue using Dragon forthcoming versions.

    3. What is the difference between Dragon 14 individual (Professional Individual) and Dragon 14 Group (Professional Group)?

    They are ostensibly the same product except the Group product supports multiple/roaming users and the Manage Users Control Centre. It is not available for individual users so expect to pay licenses for 2 users+

    All third-party applications still to function as they do with Dragon 13.

    What's New in Dragon 14
    This topic describes enhancements and new features in Dragon version 14.
    Command enhancements Auto-text commands
    Auto-text is a block of content that you specify - including text, graphics, or both - for which you create a custom voice command. In your dictation, when you say the command, Dragon enters your content. You create new auto-text commands using the New Auto-Text Command dialog box. From the DragonBar, select Tools > Add New Auto-Text.
    For more information, see Creating auto-text commands.
    Manage your custom commands in one place
    The Manage Custom Commands dialog lists all commands you have created, along with links to edit or delete them, or to create new ones. To access the dialog box, select Tools > Manage Custom Commands from the DragonBar.
    For more information, see Managing your custom commands dialog box.
    Windows 10 commands
    There are new commands for the Action Center, Settings screen, and Start button for Windows 10.
    For more information, see Working with Windows 8 and 10.
    Dictation enhancements Enhanced Dictation Box
    The following enhancements have been made to the Dictation Box:
    • The user interface design is now simpler and easier to use.
    • There is a new Use automatic Dictation Box for this application check box. This check box allows you to turn the Dictation Box on or off for specific applications.
    • Dragon no longer prompts you to save text when you click the Cancel button.
    • The Dictation Box is now resizable.
    • There is now a minimum size. You cannot make the Dictation Box smaller than the minimum size.
    • The Show character count setting is now deselected by default.

    For more information, see Using the Dictation Box.
    General enhancements
    • When you close the Administrative Settings dialog box, Dragon now re-opens your user profile automatically.
    • Dragon no longer prompts you to save your user profile when you make changes to it.
    • DragonBar usability is now optimized for touchscreen use.
    • You can now link your desktop version of Dragon to your Dragon Anywhere account and share words and commands with your desktop version.
      For more information, see Using Dragon Anywhere

    Installation and upgrade enhancements Region selection
    During the Dragon DVD installation, you can now choose to install only the files for your region, or all regions. This allows you to use less disk space when installing Dragon, and reduces the installation time required.
    User profile upgrade
    Dragon now opens user profiles in the version 13 directory without upgrading them.
    Software versions
    Dragon can now support Microsoft Windows 10.
    For more information, see Working with Windows 8 and 10.
    Transcription enhancements Improvements to the transcription source
    Improvements to the transcription process produce more accurate transcription results for recorded dictation. You can now create a transcription source separate from your live dictation source.
    Streamlined transcription of recorded dictation
    The steps required to transcribe a recording have been streamlined to make the process faster and easier. Note that you must have a transcription source before you can transcribe your recordings.
    For more information, see Transcribing recorded dictation.
    Usability enhancements Help redesign and optimization
    The following enhancements have been made to the Dragon Help:
    • Help content was rewritten and made simpler to more clearly explain Dragon's functionality, and to make information easier to find.
    • The Search capability is now optimized to return more accurate search results relevant to search key words.
    • Interactive video tutorials are now available. These address commonly asked questions and several key Dragon features.
    • The Help user interface was redesigned and is now modern and easy-to-use.
    • The Help system is now on the Web.

    For more information, see Getting help.
    What Can I Say?
    You can now say "What Can I Say?" at any time to get a list of Dragon commands appropriate for your current activity. Dragon reminds you to use this command; you'll see the reminder when you first log in.
    You can use "What Can I Say?" when you're in:
    • Applications, like Microsoft Word
    • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox)
    • Windows Desktop

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