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5 Reasons to Switch From a Power Wheelchair to Power Assist

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  • 5 Reasons to Switch From a Power Wheelchair to Power Assist

    The joystick-controlled power chair was created as a solution for people who lacked the ability to push themselves in a manual chair, but its user base has grown to include many other groups as well. Perhaps you can self-propel everywhere except for steep hills, and unfortunately you just so happen to live in San Francisco? Maybe you just wish to avoid long-term damage to your upper extremities, so electronic wheelchair propulsion was your only option? Depending on your situation, a power assist chair may be a far better fit than a full power chair.

    Power assist offers power wheelchair users the opportunity to stay active and propel themselves without the health risks to their upper extremities ? something that likely played a factor in not purchasing a manual-style chair in the first place. You don?t have to live with the fear of pain and exhaustion in a manual chair, nor do you need to limit yourself unnecessarily in a power chair when you still feel like you can do more. If you fit the criteria for an ideal power assist user or want to learn more about the health benefits of power assist, please click on the link below to learn more and download our free e-book!

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    Who can I call to talk about buying this chair?


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      Think about a Zx-1. You can just drop this whenever you want to manually push to maintain strength or burn calories. If you drive a van you can drop it in the back and exit to push manually. My wife used to have hot packs on her shoulder almost daily in the mornings until the Zx-1, now maybe once per 6 months


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        Regarding "Who can I call to talk about buying this chair?" - here is one source for both the powered Tailwind chair and the ZX-1 power assist subsequently referenced by ancientgimp.