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    Rota Libertas

    What is Rota Libertas?

    Rota Libertas is an excited new project which has been created to supply affordable innovative mobility designed products, for people with a disability.

    Why was Rota Libertas created?

    Rota Libertas is Latin for Wheel Freedom. Latin was the Italian spoken language during the Roman Empire. During this time things were not so different to today. Wealth and poverty divided people. Those without wealth had limited access to the fundamental rights of health, dignity and freedom. After thousands of years the modern world is not so different. Millions of people cannot afford access to health, dignity and freedom. Learning from the past is vital to positively progressing forward. It is time to stop thinking about profit and give disabled people the possibility to have health, dignity and freedom. This can be achieved if we utilise one of humanities greatest achievements, the advancement of technology. Currently, profit driven companies are creating mobility designed products which are not affordable, accessible or practicable to millions of disabled people. The cost of the products which provide health, dignity and freedom makes them out of reach for millions of disabled people. It is time to shake up the industry. This can only be achieved with your support as we are a new, small design team with big hearts. Using innovation we aim for the rebirth of principles to make freedom a choice.

    Steps to our success

    1. Use innovation to design products which are affordable and beneficial to the disabled.
    2. Create prototypes and prove concept of design.
    3. Allocate design to chosen manufacturer and build models.
    4. Have products tested and certified for use around the world.
    5. Find transport and logistic partners for world distribution.
    6. Calculate cost of possible purchasing scenarios
    7. Use crowdfunding website to market product and gain the first 1000 orders

    8. Distribute and change lives.

    We have a new page on facebook, search for: Rota Libertas

    Looking forward to your support

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