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Safewalk? Custom Made Titanium Underarm Crutches

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  • Safewalk? Custom Made Titanium Underarm Crutches

    To whom it may concern:

    I represent a relatively new company called Custom Welding and Manufacturing ( ) that designs and builds innovative custom metal products. One of the products that we are most proud of is our Safewalk? Custom Titanium Underarm crutches. We have been making these crutches for a while for a relatively small market here on the east coast of Canada and we would now like to start making them more generally available.

    To that end I would love to hear back from the community whether the features of these crutches are appealing and what if anything we can do to better accommodate individual needs.

    The features of these crutches include:

    • Titanium construction for strength and lightness
    • Tubes are filled with high density foam so the crutches are quiet and will not collect moisture inside.
    • Double footed so the crutches grip when its most required. When you're moving around and the crutch is on an angle.
    • Flush design so the crutch will not hang up or rip fabrics when brushed up against.
    • Available attachment points for flashlights and shopping bags etc.
    • Underarm crutch pads that are ultra-thin to reduce chafe.
    • Crutch tips are filled to avoid sharp tip cutting surfaces and can be adjusted to fit any sized crutch tip.
    • Under arm crutch pads are equipped with rare earth magnets so they can be securely leaned against cars or other vehicles during entry/exit.
    • These crutches can be taken apart for easy storage on aircraft or in baggage.
    • These crutches are custom fit to each individual so no weak points are introduced.

    For more information including pictures and a YouTube video from the designer please go to

    We also have a pair of crutches available for a limited time on EBAY for a very special $500 (auction starting price) at In general, It is our intention to make these crutches available at as reasonable a price as possible.

    I will appreciate any or all feedback.



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    Long term use of underarm crutches are a recipe for disaster because of the nerve damage they will cause. Short term use (for a broken leg or sprained ankle) may be okay but that's about it. I'm sorry but I don't think you will be selling many of these.

    Did you guys not consult any physiotherapists/OTs or clinicians before you designed these?


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      Safewalk? Titanium Underarm Crutches

      Originally posted by scisucks View Post
      Long term use of underarm crutches are a recipe for disaster because of the nerve damage they will cause. Short term use (for a broken leg or sprained ankle) may be okay but that's about it. I'm sorry but I don't think you will be selling many of these.

      Did you guys not consult any physiotherapists/OTs or clinicians before you designed these?
      Thank you very much for your reply:

      The way we look at this is that we are a completely custom shop. We can make any kind of crutch and in fact we have made many forearm crutches and we will be formally marketing a product of this type shortly.

      That being said, we are particularly proud of these crutches because we designed and build them to expressly meet the needs of a few individuals that we worked with one on one. Yes, the commonly accepted wisdom is that long term use of underarm crutches can be damaging but these were designed to expressly mitigate those issues while preserving the strengths of underarm crutches.

      As I'm sure you know when using these crutches your weight is not supported by the underarm but by your arms and hands. Thus the underarm pads are actually hard plastic and shaped in a saddle shape to allow you to hold the crutch upright but as thin as practical where it counts so not to cause pressure or chafe on you underarms. As they are custom built they also fit you perfectly which also helps with this issue.

      These crutches and indeed all underarm crutches are (from the opinion of our existing customers) more useful for people who need to stand up (at least occasionally) to work and need support while using their hands. They can support you and provide balance while standing and using you hands.

      These crutches much more easily allow the attachment of accessories to make living with them much easier. For example flashlights, baggage carriers and even water bottles. This allows much more independence for the long term user.

      They are also easier to master and do not require the same level of arm strength.

      After following a number of blogs and forums there seems to be some level of debate going on as to what is best but I think both types have their merits when well designed and a lot has to do with personal preference and the kinds of things you're doing when using them.

      Our existing customers are very active long term users who either travel a lot and thus cannot be put in a position where their crutches break with no suitable backup (so having several pairs of cheap backups are not an option) or are actively self employed moving about while doing a range of interesting things with their hands.

      I will be posting a video shortly with one of our customers explaining how he uses his crutches and why they work for him.

      Again, I would love to hear any feedback positive or negative as we want to be able to make products that work best for you.




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        Safewalk? Titanium Custom Forearm Crutches

        Do to the feedback from this forum (and others) we decided to design a new forearm version of our crutches called Safewalk? Titanium Custom Forearm Crutches...

        Like everything we make, these forearm crutches are completely custom made and are fitted exactly to your needs. We try our best to keep these crutches reasonably priced, despite the high price of titanium, but we feel that the high strength and long life of crutches made of titanium justifies the cost.

        We still make our Safewalk? Titanium Custom Underarm Crutches and in fact we now have an adjustable version of these crutches that can be adjusted for height and can be full taken apart for travel or storage. A YouTube description of these crutches can be found at and we have more information about our underarm crutches at

        For many of our customers, for example, who need to work with their hands while standing, underarm crutches properly used are a good alternative.

        I look forward to any and all feedback. Thanks!


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          Quick Update:

          I understand the critique re underarm crutches but we were asked to design a set of adjustable underarm crutches for a customer recently who was a little too short for our regular crutches and we quickly realized that this new design might be an appropriate choice for children. These crutches are extremely durable and they can be adjusted from 35 inches in length all the way to 45. If you would like to know more about these crutches please see




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            We have just posted a video where our first Safewalk underarm crutch customer describes how he uses his crutches. Have a look...


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              We were able to take a close look at our competitors crutches when we replaced a crutch for one of our customers. Have a look: