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The SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs

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    The SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs

    Hi All!

    Great to be here and I am glad that there is a forum where equipment vendors and manufacturers can openly answer questions regarding products designed for accessibility. My name is Will Mann and I am the co-founder of a company called SENSIMAT that is helping wheelchair users with their pressure relief. The SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs is a thin, wireless mat of pressure sensors that is inserted underneath a wheelchair cushion. The mat connects via Bluetooth to the SENSIMAT mobile app which allows 24/7 monitoring of the wheelchair cushion. We can detect whether you are in/out of the chair, leaning forward, left, right, or lifting off. We can also tell at what time you did all of these and relay that information to you via your mobile phone. For most of you, this will allow you to monitor your own health and take pressure relief action when needed. For wheelchair users in institutions who cannot monitor themselves, we can set up a healthcare provider or family member with the ability to remote monitor. We have a beta product that we have been testing at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and we are looking to take the next step. We have recently gone live with an Indiegogo campaign in which we are trying to raise the funds to refine the product and manufacture units.

    Here is a link to the campaign:

    Here is a link to our Toronto Rehab collaboration:

    I would love to hear any feedback that you guys have and I will be checking this thread periodically to answer questions.


    Will Mann