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Doc just discovers quad is pregnant

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    I am getting the info from a third party. She is living with someone and the pregnancy was a shock as she thought is was impossible and so did her doctors. The point is she doesn't want to be pregnant and is also looking at legal recourse. She's see some form of doctor very frequently at least 2 or 3 a month and she has been complaining for 2 months.


      You can't be pregnant, with no womb, unless it is a tubal pregnancy. The uterus IS the womb. If there is a uterus connected to an ovary, pregnancy is possible, and placentas and all can develop if the hormonal triggers exist.

      If it is a tubal pregnancy, and not treated, the fallopian tube will rupture. Pregnancy can't be carried to term in a fallopian tube.

      Something is off in this story. Either she has a uterus and got pregnant, or she doesn't, so she didn't. Not much middle ground here, you just can't have a baby without a womb.
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