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Hey buddy can you spare a dime? A blanket? A squeeky toy?

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    Hey buddy can you spare a dime? A blanket? A squeeky toy?

    There are so many animal rescues in NEED all across the USA. There is one in Illinois that people are trying with all they have to maybe build a non-kill shelter in an economically depressed area.

    They could sure use any help they might get.
    If your in the might even find a BEST friend.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I found this site when I was looking for other info on this shelter on the web. Everyone with a pet should bookmark it! These are shelters and societies that will do everything they can to help you find your furry one if they get lost. You can pop in by zip code and a 45 mile radius to rescues by type. Now these are organizations we should support.

    BTW, Vandalia is where the State House and Capitol of Illinois was during Lincoln's time in the state legislature. It's still there if you stop by on a trip through on I-70.
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