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How do you manual chair users carry stuff?

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  • How do you manual chair users carry stuff?

    Man, it is super hard for me to do all the household stuff from my manual chair, mainly because it's so hard to carry stuff like dishes when loading/unloading the dishwasher, diapers, wipes, bottles, the baby, etc. while pushing... how do you do this?
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    Hey, I have a cuttin board that I carry while I am in the kitchen and actually eveywhere in the house. It makes it tremendously easier to carry things. I have done it ever since I was injured. I highly recommend you try it.
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      I bought a tray, so it has a little lip in case I spill. I use coffee cups with open handles, so I can hang them off the back of my chair. Any accidental spillage of hot beverages hits the floor and not me.
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        I use a towel on my lap, adjusting it to the item that is being carried. Also, I recall that they used to have a table which would go over the armrests. If I could find it, I think it would work even better to carry more items or even use with the little trays that Bethany mentions. Has anyone used this table? Please let me know if you know which one I speak of since I would like to get one again and can't remember what they were called.

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          I sit crooked so things slide off the cutting board, so I use a basket or messenger bag that has a strap around it that goes around my neck so nothing slides away. I also use clothing guards so I have that little bit of space between my hip and the wheel to jam things in. I hang things off the back of my chair or drape them over me to carry them around. I've also come to depend on the "cleavage carry." Never used my bra as a purse pre-injury but lots of stuff will ride right there between my boobs -- I only do this at home.

          Good Luck Emi!
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            I use a tray in my lap, it has short sides, and keeps from spilling things. When I don't, every thing is all over. Sometimes I even use a cookie sheet with a little edge. WHen out, I use a back pack on the push handles if there is a lot of stuff I need. Could you hang a messanger bag from the handles with all the baby stuff you need regularly in it (wipes, diapers and stuff). I tuck things in corners too, for instance a baby bottle would fit in the back corner of the chair near my hip.

            You can't do that with the baby, but how about a front carrier? I have also seen a stroller modified to attach to the chair .
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              I use a metal cookie sheet with a rubber mat on the bottom, the mat keeps things from sliding around. I use it to empty and load the dishwasher,getting ingrediants out of the fridge or cupboard for cooking etc. I also use a rectangleular laundry basket to move large bulky items.


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                I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing things on my leg or in my lap. I can carry some very heavy things in my lap or across my legs. Things too heavy for my wife or children. I’m like a human dolly.

                Sometimes, if I have to carry something like a glass with something to drink inside, I alternate carrying it from hand to hand as I push my chair. Also, you can also push your chair around with only one arm (the same arm) with a little practice.

                When I’m at the store, I can push a shopping cart, but often I just wrap things by pulling the bottom front of my t-shirt over them to hold them in place in my lap. I stretch out a lot of shirts this way. LOL. If an item is big or oddly shaped, like a jug or bottle of wine, I shove it (or them) under my shirt. I’m sure you can imagine how ridiculous I look carrying a couple of jugs of motor oil through Walmart.

                Oh, and I have stuck things down my pants before.
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                  Originally posted by Emi2
                  Man, it is super hard for me to do all the household stuff from my manual chair, mainly because it's so hard to carry stuff like dishes when loading/unloading the dishwasher, diapers, wipes, bottles, the baby, etc. while pushing... how do you do this?
                  I don't have a child but if I do anything serious, like cleaning house or moving anything around, etc., I use a power chair. Trying to do most things from a manual is too time consuming and inefficient.



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                    Originally posted by Emi2
                    it's so hard to carry stuff like dishes when loading/unloading the dishwasher, diapers, wipes, bottles, the baby, etc. while pushing... how do you do this?
                    A little at a time. I use a cutting board or cookie sheet to balance things when I'm moving around the kitchen or setting the table, but mostly I just carry a few things at a time. We keep the majority of dishes, cups, glasses, everyday stuff in the cabinet closest to the dishwasher. I can literally empty 80% of it into a single cabinet without moving my chair from one spot.

                    I also make it a point to not let stuff pile up. If I'm going from one room to another, I make sure I take something with me that needs to be put away. Our laundry bin is on wheels with 3 separate sections, so I use that to carry dirty clothes to the laundry room and clean clothes back. I fold them when I get to the bedroom. Carrying grocery bags into the house from the garage is my pet peeve in this area. I used to use a laundry basket to push a whole load of stuff from the car to the kitchen, but that was when our house had carpet. I'm not about to do that over hardwood floors. My husband is supposed to make a wheeled cart for me to use, but I'm not sure where that is on the list. Currently he's cleaning and upgrading (new bearings, anodizing the aluminum bits, etc) my wheelchair for me so that it'll be ready for when I'm able to use it again.



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                      It's been said already, but I too use a cutting board.
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                        I just hand it to


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                          Head to a Pier 1. I use low baskets with handles. Add a foil liner or bread board if carryng hot stuff. For kid stuff my friend used a single arm style backback over the back of one push bar with the diapers, wipes, plastic bags for dirties.., and mace if going out, out.
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                            I have a lap tray with a little lip on it to stop things spilling, if I go out in my manual chair, I wedge bags etc in my lap or on the push handles.


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                              I usually balance everything in my lap. In the past, I used a lap tray made for wheelchair use. It had a coating on it like dycem and the tray was attatched to a bean bag so it could mold to your lap and stay level.