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Recommendation for home security system?

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    Recommendation for home security system?

    As some of you might know already, we're attempting to build a new accessible house. Construction started about six months ago and hopefully will be finished in two to three months from now.

    Last night, some jackasses broke in to our new construction and vandalized the place. Since it's going to be a few more months before we can move in, I'm thinking we should get a security system installed as soon as possible. Does anybody have any suggestions for this? I don't want to break the bank but I want something nice that I can program and control myself.

    Thanks in advance for any input on this.

    I take it that you are out in the country, so there was no one to witness this terrible act of stupidity. I am not up to date with security services. but from my experience living in Chicago, I would put some type of decorative wrought iron window guards and a very decorative security screen door and then for the areas that are open put up motion detectors with flood lights and if at all possible hook up a siren for when you are gone, I was never a thief, I have worked for every thing I own and it sickens me to think of some punk blankety blank coming in and taking what is mine so I try to be as protective as possible, whether that means I have to convert redneck with modern so be it. I also have a staffordshire pit bull, he may be a big pussy cat but he looks tough as hell and intimidation goes a long way.

    by the way I like your signature at the bottom of your post.


      1 Pet Chihuahua to team-up with your pit (trust me, Chihuahuas make the best watch dogs, but that's about it).

      1 sawed-off shotgun.

      No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out


        a big ass gun is what a lot of people here seem to think. lol

        preferably an automatic, loaded, and stuffed underneath your pillow for immediate response. you know. just in case you're a quad.


          Yeah, Imight.....actually, quite seriously yes!

          But not in and of itself - following good basic security precautions, of which there are almost endless options but generally focus on 'hardening' a dwelling, adding a dog or three (Chihuahuas maybe little whippersnappers but they're incredibly alert too, and more than enough to wake up hungry Rotties), and of course a decent alarm. I suppose you could sleep with a sidearm under the pillow but methinks it would be a bit uncomfortable, slide off, etc. And if you have the aforementioned alarm, dog and/or hardening, a good lock box that allows fairly quick retreival is probably best. Again, lots of options there.

          Bottom line, firearms aren't an end-all be-all, but merely another useful device with which to protect yourself.



            Good one.

            Originally posted by Imight
            a big ass gun is what a lot of people here seem to think. lol

            preferably an automatic, loaded, and stuffed underneath your pillow for immediate response. you know. just in case you're a quad.
            I was going to say,, a good dog. I know when anyone is on my place. Day or night.


              not being there sucks. look online for some battery operated motion detectors and a siren. thats what i would do. alot of them now are wireless. after you move in get a dog. best secirity you can have. i have a 120 german sheperd , just his bark will scare you away
              oh well


                Since you're not there yet, seems that to be effective, you would have to go with one of those monitored systems like ADT,etc. As we all know with car alarms, all a loud horn going off will do is piss off your to-be-new neighbors, might scare off the baddies too since this sounds like ahole kids.

                Call and talk to them and see if you can get a monitored system now, and set it back to "you" monitoring after you move in. Then get a big dog & gun.
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                  brick house securities has a bunch of stuff that may work for you, the prices are pretty good too.
                  i need to try to use some of their products for security

                  cauda equina


                    Sorry to hear about your breakin. New homes and developments are quite susceptible to burglaries. It's happened around here also.

                    Since you're building a new house and if you can afford it, I would suggest going with the security companies such as brinks or adt. They can be installed wireless if your home is almost completed. The nice thing about having a service like them is you can put in fire alarms and carbonmonoxide detectors. In the event of a fire or carbonmon. leak the signal is sent directly to the central station and the fire dept. will be dispatched immediately. I have it and feel quite reassured and safe with it.

                    The cost is only dependent on how much you want to arm your home and you really don't have to block off every nook and cranny. Many insurance companies will also give you a discount on your homeowners if you have a security system. It doesn't cost to ask. Good luck.


                      If you have a fairly long driveway, a driveway alarm is really handy. Put it at the end, and you'll know if anybody is driving up. A big dog is a plus, and a bunch of motion lights never hurt. A gun for inside works good for piece of mind. Which reminds me I need to bring my shot gun shells in from my truck. (still there from deer hunting...)

                      Do a google search for security stuff, theres all kinds of stuff out there.
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