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OKAY YOU CAN PEEK NOW DR.YOUNG ...this is a birthday surprise for you!!!

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    OKAY YOU CAN PEEK NOW DR.YOUNG ...this is a birthday surprise for you!!!

    I am starting a new thread in honor of Dr. Wise Young's upcoming birthday...

    In a few words, please answer the following question:

    WHY do you think Wise is WISE?

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    I think Wise is wise because he can talk to matter if they are a common person like me, no matter whether they are sci or not, no matter if they are a Doctor, Scientist, Educator, employed, unemployed, rich or poor. He has respect for everyone. And that means everything for the CareCure community. Happy Birthday, Wise, and many more!!!

    Take care, God bless...



      i think dr wise is wise because he has the hart to seek and find the cure that everyone is hoping for may god bless him and all who know him.


        Wise is Wise because his parents named him that ... oh wait ... lol ...

        Seriously, happy birthday, happy new year. It must be a great feeling to have an impact on so many lives. I shudder to think what my attitude would be if I hadn't found CareCure ... *shudders*. I do hope this is THE YEAR for a lot of people around here.

        Happy New Year to our light in the dark!
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          Why I believe Wise is wise? Because he was so intelligent that he brought a new year which no one has ever done. He also was a blessing sent to this world to enlighten, cheer and bring hope to so many of us. He is a kind, gentle man which as Teena said, sees everyone the same as everyone else. We owe so much to him and he is heaven sent.

          God bless you always Wise, may he always bring you the best in your life and for yours.

          Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. ~Victor Hugo~

          A warrior is not one who always wins,
          but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~


            honestly....? i never met dr.wise .....but his knowledge [science] and the way he type ,speak opinion ....he is a gift to humanity....happy holidays sir.


              WHY Wise is W I S E:

              well-informed intelligent sensible educated
              welcoming inclusive sensitive enlightened
              witty impassioned sociable empathetic
              wizard inquisitive sly even-tempered

              But, I'm more interested why Wise is Young.
              ...because if he is...then so am I.


                Well knowing there are fantastic people like Dr Wise in the world doing great work towards treatment and cure helps me sleep at night so he is wise for that reason!


                  Bringing this back up because this thread was buried over Christmas...and it is almost Wise's Birthday...


                    Happiest of birthdays to you. I hope you enjoy a healthy, happy new year. Wise is wise because...he seems to pursue his intellectual curiosity with compassion.
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                      I mean this with all my heart and soul Dr. Young ...... thank god for your Birthday .... pop a cork and toast yourself .. you'll never fully understand the impact you've had on my life and countless others ... because

                      WISE = HOPE !!!!

                      Have a wonderful birthday !!

                      ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

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                        Because he has the ability, desire, and willingness to research any topic, in depth. And then explain, in English, what the research means. Thank you, and Happy Birthday!


                          He is genuine, determined and has vision. Even through the decades, when he was told that a cure would be impossible, he still possesed and passionately held on to these qualities. Happy Birthday Wise.



                            he's not afraid to say what he means without worrying about whether or not it's a popular thing to say, and he treats people with disabilities like human beings and gives them a ray of hope.



                              He stays true to his heart and belives in the best of people.

                              Wise, you are a Golden Egg.

                              Happy Birthday

                              Every day I wake up is a good one