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Today is my WC anniversary

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  • Today is my WC anniversary

    15 years ago today at 8:30 a.m. I changed my life by becoming paralyzed.

    UC Irvine researchers have stated that they could get me walking in 7-10 years. But the funny thing....they were saying that 10 years ago.

    Sorry...this has always been a sucky day for me.

    Oh well....Crap happens.


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    Sorry. Not much you can really say about that. I just past 13 years on Monday, August 6th. I think what's really going to hit me is when I reached the point where I spent the majority of my life in a wheelchair.

    Just think of it is one more day and try to enjoy it.


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      Hey Cappy, I hope your day passes with something or someone pleasant to pass the time..........

      I keep wondering what's worse, knowing the day or not knowing??? I have'nt figured out yet which stupid thing I did to fracture my neck. Guess it really does'nt matter, like you said "crap happens"!


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        Sometimes...I wish that I died in the incident that caused me to become paralyzed. Well, I was pretty close, just 20 more seconds and I could of been dead or brain dead. I come to realize that life is pretty fragile, someone can just take it away from you in a sudden. Life isnt long, time passes fast, just live everyday to your fullest and without regrets.
        May 2000, T4-5 Complete.



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          Originally posted by Hype62
          Sometimes...I wish that I died in the incident that caused me to become paralyzed.
          I am glad you didn't die in that incident!


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            I'm only 6.5 months post and I still have terrible flashbacks, every day. Please tell me these go away after a while.