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HELP Pet was murdered - calling all PET LOVERS!

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  • HELP Pet was murdered - calling all PET LOVERS!

    I've just started a petition asking the local Police Department to do an investigation on the brutal killing of a dog by one of their officers. A dog had been shot with pepper spray, a stun gun, twice with a 12-gauge shotgun, and "intentionally run over by a police officer in a car twice to stop it."

    I was told by the Department their is no investigation needed.

    Please pass the link to all Pet owners. Animals can not speak for themselves but Humans can.

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    Hey, FreeBird, I live near Chico. Very disturbing story. Two huge issues collide here:

    1) the cops killing the dog right in front of everybody, and with animal control right there. Poor dog was scared out of its mind.


    2) the dog owners had been cited previously for numerous violations, including attacks/violence at that address.

    The problem, in my view, is not the poor dog just doing what he was trained to do, but the irresponsible punk kids who wanted to keep and train the thing to perform violently. Same punk/thug attitude as Mike Vick, the pro footballer now accused of dog cruelty for profit.

    As for the cops and their excessive force, Free, those cops had gone to that house before for the same thing. The dog had a history of attacking people, and the punks a history of being belligerent.

    I'd rather sign a petition calling for the public electrocuting, hanging, bludgeoning and macing of those thug/idiots, like Vick did to the dogs who lost in his fights.

    Everybody's a loser in this story.

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      I signed it. Anything to help fight against animal cruelty.


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        i signed too.i love animals.the ones who torture ,kill them ,etc.must pay in front of justice.damn here in romania the idiots [politicians]do not care .just a ticket few $ and that`s it.


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          I would have to know more details.


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            I think it is horrible. I'm a huge dog lover and I do agree that people shouldn't train their animals to attack others unless it is in a contolled way, like K9 dogs. I feel horrible for the dog. I believe it wasn't the dogs fault, but the owners. They should have been shot and run over. Idiots!
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              I'd have to withhold judgement for more details. It does seem that the cops used the public and brutal killing of the animal to try to traumatize or otherwise teach a lesson to the residents of the house they were performing in front of.
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                Why didn't you post a link to the story?

                What little of the story you posted it sounds like the cops had no other choice. Here is a dog running loose on the streets that can kill a child or mame someone severly. What would the police department look like if they called the dog catchers and the dog bit somebody. Major law suit.

                If anything the cop should be reprimanded for not being able to put the dog down with one shot.


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                  I read the story in the link to the petition and it sounds like the officers did the right thing. Pit bulls are extremely dangerous dogs, yes it does depend on the upbringing but they are routinely responsible for severly injuring or killing people especially children.

                  If anything blame the owners, they should have a better containment system for the dogs. A loose pit bull is a potential lethal animal. The officer hit the dog with his vehicle apparently to keep it from running towards a group of people that had assembled to see what was going on.

                  The officers and animal control literally put their lives and health at risk by trying to put the dog back in the yard but they were not successful. Again you just cant let these dogs run around, there is too much of a risk to the public.


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                    To me, it sounds like the ownes were at fault as well.
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                      agressive dogs must stay in a cage not on the the same lyons ,tigers etc.


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                        it's fairly simple...

                        Was the dog on a leesh?

                        My dog has a habit of going after other dogs. So when I walk her I keep RIGHT next to me on the leesh. On several occasions, obnoxious owners with the poodles let the poodles run around without leeshes. My dog will KILL them if I let her. She pulls so hard I fly out of my wheelchair.

                        What do I do? I carry a stun gun. If another dog approaches mine without a leesh, I will make sure it's out for a good long time. End of story.

                        When people don't obey the law, their pets suffer. They need to suffer jail sentences. They put my life in danger.


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                          The dog bit the guy twice, Anamal control COULD NOT catch it, and it was run over as it ran towards a group of people.

                          The dog was given to the kid after his brother died from drugs. So it probably wasn't raised right.

                          Free, unfortunately the way you wrote the post, and the news story are different.

                          Bottom line, the dog was on it's way out.


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                            is hard to teach humans to behave....poor animals.


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                              Originally posted by FreeBird
                              A dog had been shot [by the officers] with pepper spray, a stun gun, twice with a 12-gauge shotgun, and "intentionally run over by a police officer in a car twice to stop it."

                              I was told by the Department their is no investigation needed.

                              Yup. Sounds like the fuzz to me. Check out what they did to rollergirl...

                              caution, semi graphic (pg-13)