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    Originally posted by crypticgimp View Post
    i invented an umbrella holder that attaches to the chair, so i can still have coverage when i get in and out. working on one for the car itself tho
    I could use one of those!

    Getting in and out of the car if you use a board is a bloody nightmare in the rain, it only takes a few raindrops and sliding becomes impossible leaving your pants stuck to the board and you bare arsed in your chair.


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      here it only rains and not very often for only 3 months a year.
      i guess i miss the rain, at least i can enjoy being indoors.


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        i dont have a wc...i was just curious.

        I walk pretty slowly with a cane, still unsteady.
        Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon


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          how are your reflexes? can you hold down the gas and brake pedal with a foot? I had to switch to automatic transmission when I startded driving after injury. I am able to drive in with maffo's on both feet, but not for extended driving or when I have clonus.
          My walking is slow and not attractive, but I drive some without a problem.

          not recently though, as lack of food has made me too unsteady, so I guess you just have to know your limits and know what you are safely able to do as far as driving again goes.


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            I haven't tried driving yet...i'm living with my parents, with my mom all the time mostly, and safety is her number one concern. No way she's letting me get in the drivers seat anytime soon.
            I can probably hold it down, by having to push with my leg. I have very little push in my feet. I WILL STAND ON MY TIPPY TOES AGAIN!!

            thanks jody, i wish i could send you some food.
            Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon


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              Car door umbrella exists!

              I recently saw a car door umbrella online it retracts and opens with the car door I will try and find it and paste the web address if anyone is 8 greatest umbrella ideas...