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Am I Overly-Sensitive to this Article?

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    You may be right on target, especially as she knows you but remember, what she actually said and meant is often lost in the translation from interview to paper. That first quote does sound like she thinks paralysis=death, but she very well could have meant that she could have been paralysed, or worse, even died as well.

    As far as the second quote goes, I actually read that one as referring to herself specifically, that she is having a hard time with the loss of independence.

    (and rereading the thread, ami pretty well just said all that ..... sorry.)
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      Devil's Advocate here....maybe she was being literal....She had her SPINE....Had to be hospitalized with IV ABX...then sent home w/IV ABX...maybe just maybe she was crediting the dr w/saving her life and then commenting that she could have ALSO been paralyzed...not equating the two, but two different scenarios....Afterall, we al know that Osteo can be fatal...

      We also don't really know what she said in between those quotes...Editors have a way of chopping stories to change what was really said into something completely different than how it was originally written...

      The last quote about independance and working on a career...I think she's being brutally honest about how she's been feeling and what she's been going through...

      I'd say your personal feelings have def made you more critical of the article/person...However I feel like there is some odd medical info in the article that I'd be questioning...Either the paper got misinformation or she's got less than stellar dr's...I'd be questioning some of the stuff if I were her...
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        Most AB's hold ableist views which they continue to possess once they become disabled. The AB who thinks paralysis = death will most likely become the SCI who thinks paralysis = death. A change in that perception requires time, positive experiences and exposure although it never changes for some.

        Reminds me of a quote from a previous post:

        Empathy is wonderful, but projecting ourselves
        into a position that we have never actually experienced, and making assumptions
        that lead us to incorrect conclusions, are not wonderful.