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Have you ever had an experiences with the paranormal?

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    Have you ever had an experiences with the paranormal?

    I'm a pretty logical person and straightforward person, but I had some strange events go down when I first moved into my house so I figured why not share?

    I bought my house back in 2001 and actually paid $15K below the market value. The woman who was selling the place had an emergency back home and needed to sell it within 30 days. How could I pass up such a deal? It was only ten years old at the time and was the former model home of the subdivision.

    I moved my things in, and since I didn't have the full furniture spread yet, I slept in the small bedroom upstairs. Things went smoothly for the first couple of months. Then one morning as I went into the bathroom to get ready for work, I noticed I had a series of faint red scratches across my arms, shoulders, and chest. I inspected them closely and they were in rows of four. I brushed it off and figured I had brushed up against something in my bed (like that made sense). It happened again a couple of nights later. I woke up to the same thing--except this time they weren't so faint and I was getting perplexed. The third time it happened I was tossing in bed and actually could feel something scratching my skin. I was freaking out, but thought I was in dream mode. I went to work and mentioned the events to a co-worker. He laughed at me and asked me if I had a cat. I pulled up my sleeve and asked "do these look like cat scratches?" I showed him my war wounds and he said "Holy shit, what woman were you with last night??" I just ignored him.

    The next crazy thing happened a couple of weeks later. I awoke in the middle of the night to see a small little boy running back and forth across the foot of my bed. I convinced myself I was dreaming and, yes, covered myself under the covers. Then a few nights later I awoke to the sound of my blender in the kitchen running at full speed at 230am in the morning. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs, hit the light in the kitchen and sure enough the blender was turned on full speed. I tried to tell myself I must not have turned it off all the way the last time I used it. Two nights later--the same thing happened but this time I tossed the blender and bought a new one thinking it must be a short though my experiences were telling me otherwise. When I bought new appliances for the kitchen, while moving the the fridge I discovered a series of crayon drawings that had been done by some kid. I assumed they had been there for years. Now things were beginning to make some sense, but I really didn't want to know the whole story and I wasn't trying to move. I had learned growing up in the south that when strange things happen it's best to ignore them and they'll go away, so that's what I chose to do.

    The climax to all this happened one night in that same first year at about 1030pm. I was laying on the couch watching TV and heard a knock at the door. I get up and look of out the door and there is a black woman and a small boy standing there with her. I open the door and she says, "I'm sorry to bother you sir, but I used to live here a few years ago and my sister mailed me a package and I didn't receive it and I was wondering if it had come here by mistake." I told her no, I didn't get any misdelivered package. She apologized for bothering me and she and the kid walked back down the pathyway. It took about five minutes for it to register--how in the hell would her sister not know where she was living if she had sent her a package?? I jumped up and ran to the door and opened it, but of course the two were long gone.

    After that, I had no more issues. I never bothered to investigate the history of this house, because frankly, I don't care to know. I live in my house pretty carefree now, but when I hear a "bump in the night" I do get a littly antsy.

    Am I crazy? A dreamer? Irrational? Paranoid? Do you have some strange expereinces you care to share?
    Yes, and I peed in my pants...more than usual.
    No, I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
    I'm not too sure.
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    I have a lot of para experiences. I'm sure a generous person could, in good conscience, judge a few of them to be "normal".

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      being a quad i always pee my pants.i am


        Well, I can point out a few of the para-abnormal in these forums *hides*

        Now, here is a Zen (courtesy of a Zen story) remedy for Ghosts: Keep a random handful of change in your pocket. The next time you see a ghost, pull out a handful of coins, hold them out in a closed fist, and ask the ghost how many are in your hand. If they can't tell you, then they're merely a figment of your imagination.
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          Many times.
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            Originally posted by Wheelieboy
            Am I crazy? A dreamer? Irrational? Paranoid?
            Maybe, but just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.

            Do you have some strange expereinces you care to share?
            Too many to list. The first house we lived in when we moved to NY was "wrong". Something in it tried to kill me once. We had ghost cats living in one of the houses I lived in as a teenager. I've had strong, clear precognitive dreams a few times. My mother and I are both empathic and she says that it goes back on her mother's side.

            I don't like terms like "paranormal" or "supernatural" because they imply that these things are outside of nature. They aren't. They just aren't well understood by most people and haven't been quantified by science yet. Give it time. We'll figure it out.


            ETA: I didn't respond to the poll because none of the answers fit. I don't find the idea of unusual phenomena to be frightening per se. Depends on the specifics.


              Originally posted by Tiger Racing
              I don't like terms like "paranormal" or "supernatural" because they imply that these things are outside of nature. They aren't. They just aren't well understood by most people and haven't been quantified by science yet. Give it time. We'll figure it out.

              "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

              To which I usually reply - BOLLOCKS!

              ......... but as you say, one day perhaps, one day.


                Originally posted by Tiger Racing
                ETA: I didn't respond to the poll because none of the answers fit. I don't find the idea of unusual phenomena to be frightening per se. Depends on the specifics.
                Point taken. I can say that when all this stuff was going on I wasn't terrified as much as I was just trying to make sense of it all or just shrugging it off all together.

                At least today, I don't have to worry about any hostile entities pushing me down the stairs.


                  Indeed right here on CareCURE ...


                  Every time I read a "DA" or "Ray Finkel" posting I am convinced THEY are from some other "world"!

                  How could I not comment on this topic?


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                    Originally posted by Tiger Racing
                    I didn't respond to the poll because none of the answers fit. I don't find the idea of unusual phenomena to be frightening per se. Depends on the specifics.

                    What she said.

                    I've had a ton of what you'd call paranormal experiences. I grew up with beliefs I don't really care to discuss in such a public thread (Although I might be encouraged to do so in a members-only one) and every few days or so there was something happening to me that you'd probably consider paranormal.

                    Only a couple of times did it ever scare me, and only once was that experience like something out of a horror movie (which, in my experience is what the average un-paranormal-aware Joe really means when they ask about paranormal experiences)


                      I was released from the hospital on my 13th birthday. I had spent two or three weekends at home, in preparation for my discharge from the hospital ... but this was my first dinner at home, altogether again. It was not a happy welcome home. It was solemn quiet ... and we were normally a chatty lot - five of us; my parents, myself and two brothers.

                      Dad finished the Lord's Prayer, as per usual, and the last thing I heard was the fading sound on the news on television (all that we were allowed was the news on tv during dinner). I went into .. all I can describe it as is a black hole. I was moving through the black hole and there were specks of light. It had ... walls I guess ... a bottom and a top ... but they were moving. I was moving toward a small but very bright white light. Faster and faster I moved and more specks of colour - blue, red, yellow almost becoming streaks. I was floating .. or flying .. at the end I felt myself wince as I went through that light and faded back into ... dinner.

                      Everyone else had finished. I sat there with my fork and not one morsel touched. My brothers got up to leave. I asked if anyone noticed anything ... no one did. I never spoke of it for years.

                      I have no idea what happened so if you're into analyses, please do so!

                      I've had several recurring dreams too.

                      There is another 'dimension' or 'world' ... I believe.
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                        Beware of investigating any paranormal phenomena that may occur
                        in your house. It could lead to grave consequences!

                        For instance. I lived with my grandparents for a few months when I
                        was 11 years old, at their home in Nehalem Oregon. The house had
                        been built in 1919 and was the location of a suicide years before
                        they had bought the place.

                        Every night at around midnight, I would hear a strange, faint, but
                        somewhat consistant creaking noise. I figured the old house was
                        just settling. But once in a while, it was accompanied by an erie,
                        low pitch moan that would make the hair on the back of my neck
                        stand up.

                        So one night I decided to track down where the sound was coming
                        from and it lead to my grandparent's bedroom. I was kind of scared
                        to open the door, but I did it anyway and to my horror, it was my
                        grandparents trying to have sex.


                          I was in a crawl space under a house replacing a pipe and had to dig around the pipe to expose it too cut it and I began unearthing bones. The more I dug the more bones I found. I took the bones, set them on a trash can and went to summon the single female owner of the house. I told her that this may sound crazy but I felt it was necessary to tell her about what I had found. Her eyes widened when she saw the bones and she insisted that I tell her exactly where I had found them and that was under the wall between the southeast corner of her bedroom and the bathtub. Her body began heaving with emotion as she told me about reoccurring nigthmares that ended with her waking up in terror staring at he SE corner of her bedroom. She had an exorcism, shaman, burnt sage and read passages from the bible but nothing helped. She then led me into the bedroom, slid the nightstand over and showed me 3 XXX's that she had carved into the wall at spot that she would be looking at after a nightmare. Those 3 XXX's were directly over the spot where I dug up the bones. I contacted her about 3 months later and she said that the nightmares had stopped.


                            This thread is making me all shivery

                            A few unexplainable things happened in my parents house. I awoke once to being pulled down the bed by my ankles. I clambered away from the 'force', sitting upright on the end of my bed, then ran to put a light on - nothing there, but it was damn strong. Never happened again.

                            A few years before I'd had about 5 of my girlfriends round for a sleepover. We were mucking around trying to levitate each other [as you do haha], when we heard this clawing sound. We turned round to see one of my friends face down on the floor, twisted in this awful shape clawing the carpet furiously in big long sweeps. She was making this terrible noise with it, then suddenly snapped her head round toward us. Her face was totally contorted and she was speaking in a really freaky tone. The bravest one of the lot of us went over to her and began shaking her. She snapped out of it, saying she had no recollection of the last 5 mins. I swear it was the exorcist revisited but at the time we all put it down to a hoax. A few of us discussed it years later and secretly admitted that due to how genuine a person this girl was we really weren't so sure.

                            A friend was upstairs once in the house, me being in the conservatory and the only other person in the house. She swore she saw a dark womanly figure go past her door up the hallway.

                            I recently learned that the house is built on the site of the 1800's equivalent of an old person's home. Freaky indeed.


                              When I was a kid (4th-5th grade) my friend's house was haunted. OMG it was spooky. Rooms got cold, cabinet doors opened and closed, pictures fell off walls, that kind of thing. Her father had died in mysterious circumstances, later believed to be murder, in Guam just the year before. It wasn't a particularly old house, never knew the history at all.

                              As an adult, I asked her about it. She said when she and her mom moved to a brand new house, the "ghost" went with them. Doors and windows unlocked themselves, she got yelled at that for that and for a picture frame (photo of her dad) that lay broken on top of her new leather jacket. It never went away until they burned a Ouija board that they had acquired just before the scary stuff started.

                              I don't know what's real, and can't fully explain the feelings that went up your spine in her house, but I darned sure don't allow Ouija boards in my house.
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