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"Being New" in anything is not easy

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    "Being New" in anything is not easy

    Well here I am on another new adventure. I found this while
    searching the web on day after my P/T was strongly suggesting
    to me that I find someone to talk to that has a similar condition
    as I do.
    What I have is C3,4,5,6,7, fused I also have a Lactamectany
    done. "I think thats what its called. Where they go in from the
    back and widen my canal. Anyway I have big trouble with my
    hands, big time balance trouble. I also have the trouble with
    my left foot being tight +3% I wear a AFO to help me walk.
    I also have alsot of Pain. they have been trying nerve blockers
    and now steroids. But my Pain continues. I am a recovring
    addict 24yrs and I have been down the Medication road for
    3 years.I was paralized on Jan,18,2003 I worked very hard
    and 7 months in the Hospitol I am Very Gratefull that I am able
    to do as much as I can.
    My P/T thinks that I am having trouble excepting my condition
    because I continue to try things that get me in Maybe some
    trouble. I have 7 days of caregivers for 4 hours a day. I have
    no job, Plus I'm bored. My hands start hurting and you know then
    I get caught up into that BS. I still feel that there is alot of things out
    there for me to do. I just wish that My rehab employment people,
    my P/T people woulld see it too. I want my life back. Maybe it won't
    be the same but F... I gotta be able to work.
    I had a girlfriend at the time of all this and the usual story as soon
    as she saw how I was By By. Now I have a new somebody its
    good I am just waiting to see trying not to make things happen that
    haven't happened.
    Well the other day I went in for a MRI and they found significant
    arthritice in L3,4,5 with a buldge in for that could start messing
    with me walking. Yes I have all the symptoms. So next week I
    will find out the next step.
    I must say if it wasn't for Dr. Andrew Daly who was at Harbor Veiw
    at the time of my last 2004 surgery I would be alot worse off. Thank
    the Spirits for Great Dr's. I also had One tell me to quit winning and
    get over it.
    So there I am in the short version of the last 4 years of my life.
    I don't need to go into details cuz you all know them maybe better
    then me. I really would apreciate any comments or any, well
    anything I feel pritty alone right now.

    Being Me

    Glad you found CC THere are a lot of nice people here and good info.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


      Welcome Being me!!!

      As Addiesue said, this is a great place.... lot's of wonderful people and support. Keep coming back!