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Overcoming Boredom

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    Overcoming Boredom

    I have been stuck in bed a lot lately. I get up when I can, and go out when I can, but unfortunately it has not been that often. Boredom is really setting in and it is coming very close to depression at this point.

    What does everybody else do if and when you find yourself stuck in bed. How do you pass the time? I am finding it hard to concentrate on things like TV and movies. I am reading some but my concentration issues are limiting that too. I am thinking about enrolling in an online course with the local university but I don't know if that is really feasible at this point in time. I spend a lot of time on my computer staying in touch with family and friends by email (I am not a phone person), but even that is losing its appeal. I think I have run out of things to google or look up on wikipedia. I don't have the use of my hands so that is really limiting my ideas on what I could be doing. I like listening to podcasts but have even become bored of that. How many times have I said "bored" in this message? Some of the concentration issues are coming from lingering side effects of a concussion, although that seems to be slowly improving. But my mood is definately being affected by feeling like the days and nights are endless. And every day is the same as the day before. You know things are not good when you look forward to a doctor's appointment because it means that it will kill a couple of hours of the day.

    I am just looking for ideas from others because I am all out of them. Any good podcast or easy book suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    What about online crossword puzzles? Would that be doable? I know I can kill a lot of time on those.


      How do you use your computer and what do you like doing? There are always online games and games for purchase. An online school is a good thought, or talking with friends online.

      Next question, why are you in bed often?
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        OJ, I think the on-line course sounds good. Have you thought of tutoring? There are lots of latchkey kids out there that need a little extra help with studies. Deb


          Crosswords and tutoring are exactly the kinds of ideas I am looking for but haven't been able to come up with on my own. Thanks ginamarie and lilsister

          Originally posted by trainman
          How do you use your computer and what do you like doing? There are always online games and games for purchase. An online school is a good thought, or talking with friends online.

          Next question, why are you in bed often?
          Thanks trainman, these are also good ideas . How do I use my computer? I guess mainly for things like emailing and talking with friends and family online. I waste a lot of time just browsing, looking up things I have always wondered about or am interested in. And that has value but sometimes it makes me feel like I am wasting time or just spinning my wheels. I used to play games. I haven't really done that much at all since I was hurt. But that might be a good thing to try. I momentarily had a facebook addiction but the novelty of that seems to have faded. I write some of journal type of stuff, but haven't done much of that lately. I sometimes read ebooks or have somebody scan books into my computer. But I have not really gotten into reading on the computer. I would rather deal with the hassle of real books Maybe an online course would be doable, I don't know. Does any of that help generate some ideas?

          I am in bed a lot right now due to some ongoing health reasons. I have been working on figuring out ways to get up more often. But it is hard right now. Once I deal with a sore and get some other issues straightened out, I should be up more.
          I hope school is going well for you.
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            How about some free lance work as a research assistant , for an author or professor? Maybe a publishing company or University could be of help there. Maybe you could edit the cookbook I've been diddling with forever!

            Write a child's book, I'd bet that you would be great at that.


              Scrabble. I am addicted, it's my something to do while the bp is happening. I do it on-line and just recently had my first ever over 700 pts game! Course as you can see with my over-the-top amount of suggestions, I'm anal!


                When I aws stuck in bed, I just read online a lot. I have many interests so it is easy to find something to study. I OFTEN find myself spending days in a row on various astronomy related subjects. If space/astronomy interests you, there are literally tens of thousands of photos taken by various probes of the planets and their moons, the sun, photos of earth from the shuttle and ISS astronauts. Earth based observatories and hubble photos. I have all the good links. If you want them say so.
                Then if you like travel and bicycling, I just discovered a couple of years ago that oodles of Europeans come here to do coast to coast rides and they daily blogged it. It takes hours just to read about 1 trip for 1 person. They are very good stories of people meetings and just the scenery and incidents along the way.
                I have read everything under the sun and felt like I didn't have enough time to read all I want.

                I realise you stated the concentration problems right now, so this reading may have to wait. I STILL find it hard to drag myself away from the screen and I can get up when I want.

                I don't do it so muuch in the summer, nut in winter time when all my gaming buddies are inside as well, we use TEAMSPEAK to get together and shoot the bull. With a good connection for the server host, there may be 12 of us at a time trying to talk. We share pictures of family, etc thru various IM applications.
                I "window shop" hours on end on ebay. I spend all day here sometimes also. Reading old and new threads. Catch someone you want to know more about and go back and read all their posts. Be suprised the character insight you get.
                I can go on, but you get the picture. I don't go out in cold weather often so I do this a lot. I have NEVER ran out of things to read about. As the years go by, I find more and more. I wish their was a way to get paid for all the information I have assimilated, lol.
                I feel like the main characters dad in the scifi book "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" by Robert A. Heinlein I guess it is my all time favorite book. First read in high school. His dad was paid to ' assimilate information' for the government. Just realized that is what I've been doing all along, lol. Just not getting paid.
                I remember thinking then, that would be an awesome job.

                I hope you get over the concentration block soon. These old boxes of sand really can entertain us forever if you like to read and learn.
                I use Opera for my browser. It has all the bells and whistles that IE never will and firefox wishes it did. It also has a large voice command set. When I use it I have a button to hold on the keyboard, then speak the command. I would have to see if there is another option for you because I just took that and ran with it... yepper NO KEYPRESS required, just tried it.
                You will have to download Opera and then install it. It is super customizable! buttons toolbars etc.
                this is the help page for speech it will also read to you, and you can adjust the voice pitch and speed , make it male or female




                  I wanted to get some rest and relaxation time in on the weekend (read: do nothing) so I downloaded the whole of Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen with that 'world class' nutcase chef Gordon Ramsey.

                  Twelve people vie for the opportunity to own their own restaurant. They range from mother of six to an executive chef. He swears at people for no reason, insults them, etc. I found it hugely entertaining ... but I'm happy not to be on the receiving end. lol

                  Twelve episodes of about 40 mins each ... I found I was looking forward to it. Season 3 starts June 4th, apparently.

                  I'm working on downloading Season 2.

                  I really like the suggestion of writing a children's book ... or your own autobiography!
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                    Speaking of scrabble, if you go to, there is a game called bookworm that is positively addicting. It is similar to scrabble with virtual letter tiles. You can play for free online or download the deluxe version for $19.95. There are other games at this site as well.


                      Soduko (spelled various ways)
                      Might help with the cognitive issues, as well.
                      Pick a topic you'd like to "learn" Cap'n mentioned Astronomy, I'm a history buff, Archeology or there's a ton of stuff as a spin off from The Divinci Code. Not just random surfing but indepth.
                      Art? There's a link here recently from a quad artist, beautiful work (of course that does take some existing talent, if you are so blessed).
                      Have you read the Little House on the Prarrie series of children's books by Laura Ingals Wilder? Very good, as is Harry Potter.
                      Pick a mystery author, start at the beginning of the series (Sue Grafton comes to mind, but ther are many).


                        I play both stand-alone and online games... Like you, i loose intrest with movies, so I usually MSN, play game, or look at..... uhmmm nevermind, while TV or Movie watch'n.

                        I did so self taught programing, but games were more fun


                          Watch youtube. I agree with you, every day seems like it was yesterday.


                            We used to play online literati aka scrabble online all the time a few years ago. Several people here were masters at it. Why don't some of you guys hook up during the day and create a table at Yahoo Lit? I will play at night after work. Someone can get in touch with Lexi, she is good at it, and antiquity (Seneca) was awesome. Let me know if I can help. Mary


                              Hi OJ,

                              I don't know if this works for Canada (you'd have to Google it) but in the UK if you are educated to graduate level you can usually find proof reading work.

                              It's an "in your own time" thing and it pays.

                              Hope you're out of bed soon, Jonathan.