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I was just trapped inside my car!

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    I was just trapped inside my car!

    Man o freaking man. I have a Toyota Solara convertible that I drive in the warm months and store in a storage unit in the winter. After some learning and battery replacementS, I started unhooking the battery cables while the car is in storage. I try to start it once or twice during the winter and let it idle or drive it for an hour or two. I know, I should do it once a week. Well, this winter when it was ass cold, my friend's dad was in town and he wants to get a convertible in the Spring. She asks if I can take him for a ride in mine to see how it is, esp. on his knees. Her dad is like 75 years old and has pretty weak legs. We hook up the battery cable and it starts right up; we roll for about an hour with the top down at 22 degrees temp. I thought I was King when it started right up that time. We disconnected the positive cable at that time and left it until tonight...

    Well, tonight, the car won't start so we jump it. Been there done that many times before. It fires up and I drove it at least 2 hours and it idled for probably 40 minutes beforehand. I get home and BACK it in the garage just in case it won't start again; it's MUCH easier to deal with a dead battery when the engine is at the front of your garage. I ALWAYS recline and back the power seat up when the motor is running. Well, tonight I got cute and forgot to do that task when the car was running. I drive pretty close to the wheel and pretty upright in the POWER adjustable seat. The second I shut off the whip... I think 'If that doesn't restart, I'm stuck.' My rigid frame chair has zero chance of clearing. The car will not do ANYTHING on startup now, so I can't move the seat at all. I figured the "manual" handle adjuster would let me manually lay the seatback back, but I got about one inch out of that and that was that. I could not override the damn power seat at all. I took the easy way and called my GF (who had jumped it at storage) and she threw the cables back on there enough to adjust the seat back. Still wouldn't start, but I got out and we took out the battery.

    I know about trickle chargers and all that jazz... I just thought you all would enjoy my story. I ALWAYS try to think ahead (backing the car in the garage, putting the seat back when the engine is running, having a cell phone all the time..) So yeah, power options are great until you lose power and can't override them and you think you're ready for anything. BTW, a convertible is super nice for breaking down a chair. Toyota SLE V6, 2001 if ya care.

    Glad you had the phone...get a new battery offtha!
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      Yep, that's a good heads up.

      I have a rampvan and added remote start/stop so that I can leave it running while I get in/out. Figured this had to be better for the electrical system. My battery is now going down anyway, won't hold a charge for more than a couple days. Gotta fix this.

      Ya know, one of the "safety" features pushed was "see if the power goes out, you can just push the ramp open". All well and good, but what the hell do ya do when you can't rotate or slide the 6way power base back? I'd be stuck in the driver seat, guess I could fall out the door if really necessary.

      Time for a new battery.
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        Car batteries dont like going from discharged to quick charge with an alternator (~30 amp charge rate at idle) a lot. Thin plates in them cant take the heat well without warping and shorting, not to mention creating sediment from this process which settles in the bottom of the case shorting the plates out when enough is created. For usage like this, get the lowest CCA option for a given case size, there are less and smaller plates (read less thin and crammed into the case) which should help some in the battery life department. Of course a trickle charger for it to compensate for parasitic draw so the battery doesnt go dead in the first place is a bonus.


          Yeah, Andy, you're right on man. I just always say 'Yeah, I'ma start this thing once every couple weeks...' Then, it starts right up so I get lazy and the interval gets stretched out. Man, I had an Accord one time with an alarm on it. Whoa, the parasitic draw on that thing was FAST. I disarmed the alarm and disconnected the clock/radio fuse and that car battery still was weak. Then, we started pulling the ECU fuse and it still went through batteries like crazy. Sam's Club has a great warranty though.

          They need an emergency eject button on some of these power options, not just for us folks. Kinda like how you have power door locks, but they can be manual if need be. Everything now is electronic or remote. That is great and convenient, but when it fails it can be major.

          The way I understand it, standalone remote starts are not a parasitic draw. But, if there is an alarm in the bundle, then there is parasitic draw. Man, that would suck being stuck in the power seat after they pimped the safety feature. Live and learn I guess...