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    Originally posted by Andy
    Aww heck, I got something new to bitch and complain about...

    I'm getting sick of reading everyone bitching and complaining!
    Yeah, and I bet you're writing this from your Super Lazy Man complete with new motherboard Chair, too, Mr. Morbidity.


      Stretching my legs is kind of boring.
      I don't like cathing.
      My belly still aches after I eat.
      I'm still staying with my mother. It would be better to be on my own.
      I am in a community college to learn Computer Aided Design.
      I get very little from my teacher. That sucks.
      I don't have any pals that I like hanging around with.
      I'm without a partner. I've missed out on having children.
      I am short on money.

      I'll see about balancing my bitching with something I'm grateful for:

      I'm alive and in not too much pain, generally.
      I am blessed with the use of my arms and hands.
      My mother has been cooking and doing my laundry etc.
      I am going to move into my house, soon (it is a wreck and I don't have enough money to live there, but anyway...).
      I have a belief system that I'm working with.
      I'm in school. I like learning.
      Right now, I don't have any acute bladder problems or pressure sores.
      It's summertime. I'm not taking any summer classes.
      I have a car.
      I can handcycle.

      Anyone else have anything they don't like (or do like)?


        I was on my way, but now here I sit.
        Sit and sit, in a world in which, I do not fit.

        the poetic way of saying I hate everything.
        in the process of self-destructing guys

        complaining complete



          is it really called surviving sci?
          'nuf said.


            Originally posted by dan_nc
            is it really called surviving sci?
            "Survival" would never be enough for me. I live.



              I finally moved into my rustic house. I left the house of my 84 year old mother.

              I had the bathroom vanity removed so I could access the toilet.
              I put a commode chair over the toilet.
              With much trouble, I am transferring onto a shower bench in the tiny stall shower.
              The only useable sink is in the kitchen. I tried to fix the leaking drain and broke the whole thing off. Now the sink drains into a bucket.
              Some of the floors are considerably sloped. I have to put on the brakes when I'm using my hands to do things.
              I had a crushed stone driveway put in. It slopes down to the house. Paving it will be expensive.
              Vocational Rehab said they'd put in a ramp if other organizations would come through with an accessible bathroom. The VOC Rehab counselor said it is not practical for me to live in this house. My brother-in-law came up from Atlanta to Philadelphia and built a ramp.

              It is a big challenge to live here. A "help" organization has been in the process of coming up with renovation funds.

              I'm a middle-aged single man who worked for 25 years building things for other people. I never made much money. Finally I bought this house that I could be creative with. After 4 months in the house, I did a very foolish thing trying to cut a branch with a chain saw. I fell 25 feet. T7 vertebra (and other vertebra) were damaged with impact on some tree roots.

              I don't want to bitch and moan because I'm enjoying myself for the moment.


                So glad that you are in the house Rich! I won;t spoil the moment with a whining post right now .....
                T7-8 since Feb 2005


                  I'm officially full of poo!

                  I saw it on my xray. Naturally, this gives my bf ammo for jokes along the lines of "I always thought you were full of shit!".

                  *More bitching* Lactulose is revolting.


                    Originally posted by keps
                    I'm officially full of poo!

                    I saw it on my xray. Naturally, this gives my bf ammo for jokes along the lines of "I always thought you were full of shit!".

                    *More bitching* Lactulose is revolting.
                    In late 2004, I had an X-ray at the urologist and he showed me on the light screen where shit and gas was. He told me, "You're literally full of shit." I was so nervous I was overextended, but it turns out I wasn't that constipated. The X-ray had exaggerated and worried me for nothing.

                    Have a good emptying!


                      Thanks SJean. But, bitch away if you want.
                      Keps, my xrays have showed lots of poo, too. I don't like being full of shit!
                      Le Type Francais, good to hear you're okay.


                        Originally posted by keps
                        I'm officially full of poo!

                        I saw it on my xray. Naturally, this gives my bf ammo for jokes along the lines of "I always thought you were full of shit!".

                        *More bitching* Lactulose is revolting.
                        Holy shit, Karen; I developed the same (well, almost) problem well after yours and was immediately admitted to hospital and scanned two days later, then released two days after that. And that was weeeeks ago.

                        How can the UK system of access to necessary medicine/medical tests-and-procedures be that far behind what is generally considered the miserable system we've got here in the "States"?

                        Anyway, I glad and relieved (he, he) that you've finally been diagnosed and the denouement is on the way.

                        I still feel you'd have benefited from the Pu-erh tea samples and know they couldn't have hurt. Why not consider this*. You'd be surprised how soon you start looking forward to the bitterness of the tea with its immediate sweet follow-up. It sure saved my ass from being re-admitted to hospital...and I'm drinking a big pot of it daily now. I'd offer to send you some but we know how that goes.

                        * Kuding's...
                        "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."


                          Originally posted by Andy
                          I'm game for whining right now. I'm sure there's another thread around here with that theme already, but the more the merr...uhh...pissy.

                          Let's see, for what I pay for Peapod (internet grocery shopping) they better damn well get here on time. Got a call saying they would be 15 minutes late earlier. Now they are 1 hour late, tried calling for an eta, but offices closed. Last week they were 15 minutes late. Seems Thursday is bad or something all of a sudden, for the last few years they are rather punctual. And one of my pet peeves is tardyness. Oh look, here they are...guess who's not getting a tip tonight
                          I've never seen anyone whine or bellyache here at CC.

                          I searched the Internet for a grocery home delivery service but my area isn't covered. But I found a local couple who run a shopping business out of their home. It's great... I have my own personal "Professional Shopper". Like those rich people who have their own "Professional Dog Walkers". I feel so upscale now.

                          I give 'em a call if I'm in a hurry but always send them my shopping list via email and they print it out. It rarely changes... usually same ol' same ol'. Or I just edit my existing list a little bit. Then the next morning or afternoon he's here with the groceries. I prefer the afternoons but since he works the nightshift as a "nuclear" technician at a hospital 40 miles from here it's easier for him to shop in the mornings. See how reasonable I can be. Oh, and he calls me just as he's leaving the store so I have a few minutes to get ready. Spray a little Lysol around and put some of that carpet fresh stuff on the old smelly rug! Hey, it's been through 3 greyhounds in 17 years... time for some new carpeting. But I'll probably wait until this one dies... they can get very messy just before death! I'm so cruel. Hahaha.

                          IMO, the cost is very affordable. I think it's $35.00 for the first $250.00 of groceries and then 15% for anything over that. It's cool since the husband Richard, who does the actual shopping, pays for the stuff first and he has his own wireless "card swiper" that he uses after he puts everything away. His bonding or insurance doesn't permit him to put the groceries etc. away but he does it for me anyway. I always tip him a bit for the added accomodation, I'm so generous! He even went to the liquor store and picked me up a 1.75 liter bottle of Canadian Mist. It's been here for two weeks and I haven't picked it up yet. I'm an alcoholic, what the hell is wrong with me?

                          When I used to drink every other day like clockwork (isn't there a watch thread here somewhere?) and I had a large grocery store about 3/4 of a mile up the road from my house (outta business now) I'd wheel up there every other day. With a case of Bud on my lap and one of those handbaskets on top of it I could carry two bags of groceries home. It was kinda fun coming home since it was all downhill. I'd be doing about 20 MPH in my chair (wicked witch of the west) and needed to click the automatic garage door opener about 100 feet from my house so that it would be open in time.... I came close to hitting my head on it a few times. Duck!

                          Check your local paper and you might find a local professional shopping service in there. I'm assuming that Peapod is kinda like a Schwan's home delivery service that doesn't sell fresh produce, beer or cigarettes.... and the ocassional bottle of liquor.

                          "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


                            Dont feel bad Bob....they dont deliver in the boonies where I live either....LOL

                            I just send my daughter. I hate absolutely hate grocery shopping!!!!
                            T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

                            My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


                              Originally posted by pararich
                              Thanks SJean. But, bitch away if you want.
                              Keps, my xrays have showed lots of poo, too. I don't like being full of shit!
                              Le Type Francais, good to hear you're okay.


                                Lol Todd "good emptying"!. Thanks for that.
                                I think I really am full of poo, as I've been having terrible stomach ache lately (er, but I can't feel my stomach...). Feels like cramps.

                                I'm still full of it at the moment. I'm too worried to go out for a few days, as I'm concerned starting taking lactulose might make my bowels explode while I'm out (I'm not used to lactulose and how it might affect me).

                                Pararich - hope you're unblocked now?!

                                Juke - don't be a bitch. I'm gonna try some tea soon - promise. Despite my sometimes joking posts on CC over the last few weeks, I've felt like I'm in a nightmare. Hours of agony most days, and little appetite and nausea...I just wanted to wait until I could enjoy things more.
                                I suppose what we have going for the UK health system(NHS) is that we are not going to be hit for bills no matter how much medical care we get.
                                But yeah, the waits can be awful. I'm still waiting to get an appt for the scan on my gall bladder.