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    Originally Posted by mimin
    I miss being able to change outfits until I find the right one. Now, if I get up and decide I don't like the pants that I'm wearing, it takes five minutes to go back on the bed, change and transfer back into the wheelchair.

    Posted by TR
    Or even just transfering onto the bed to get dressed and then realizing that you left your jeans on the bench on the opposite side of the room. It's the minor inconveniences that piss me off the most.

    Or when you get transfered in the car, chair loaded and realize you left something in the house that you have to get. Unload chair go get item come back transfer tear down chair...... Oh and it's raining.

    Thanks for the vent.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


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      I hate going out. I hate staying home. I hate contradicting myself. I hate the Drake. I hate being lonely. I hate being wrongfully accused of tipping and vandalizing a pop machine. I hate when people cheat. I hate when people lie. I hate when people lie about cheating. I hate spinal cord contusions. I hate the Los Angeles Lakers. I hate it when dogs bark at nothing and annoy me. I hate commercials. I hate being sad. I hate burning the roof of my mouth while eating a slice of pizza. I hate wheelchairs. I hate stairs. I hate trying to remember which one of my myriad of passwords to use when logging in to something. I hate logging in. I hate logging on. I hate not knowing if I should log in or log on. I hate logs. I hate feeling worthless. I hate vegetables. I hate not having anyone to share my crappy life with. I hate money. I hate catheters. I hate feeling like Im not good enough. I hate it when people don't break topics into paragraphs when writing. I hate it when I do or don't do things that I hate. I hate corn borer. I hate urine. I hate that Im unable to work the word stellar into more of my conversations. I hate seeing tampon wrappers in the garbage. I hate that my bottle often seems like its empty. I hate my skinny arms. I hate deceitful behavior. I hate the small purple streak in the middle of my TV screen. I hate when I look back on my behavior and realize I was being irrational. I hate the movie Titanic. I hate that my hands don't work. I hate losing. I hate my hair. I hate forgetting things Id like to remember. I hate bad beats. I hate when people inadvertently leave their lip gloss at home. I hate rude behavior. I hate fruit. I hate that I probably wont get to have children. I hate watching the edited for TV versions of rated R movies. I hate feeling like I dont belong when Im out. I hate that the word cello is pronounced like it as an h in it, but theres no h. I hate thinking that the best years of my life are behind me. I hate that As Good as it Gets beat out Good Will Hunting for Best Picture. I hate sudden death overtime in NFL games. I hate paralysis. I hate racism. I hate the chicken pox scar I have on my cheek. I hate solitude. I hate any acronym related to laughing. I hate it when things I depend on let me down. I hate when anything gets taken for granted. I hate Celine Dion. I hate tenodesis splints. I hate when my web host is down. I hate classes before 10 am. I hate ear wax. I hate phone conversations that last longer than 5 minutes. I hate loose gravel. I hate it when the fun ends. I wish some nights would last forever. I hate second guessing myself. I hate when the Blackjack dealer has 16 and draws to 21. I hate dust. I hate my posture. I hate being at the mercy of others. I hate gravity. I hate the empty feeling that overcomes me after being out. It always feels like theres something missing. I hate stupid arguments. I hate when my anger gets misplaced. I hate broken vertebrae. I hate the commercialization of holidays. I hate it when theres not enough cowbell. I hate pills. I hate pagination. I hate uncertainty. I hate being sick and tired of having to eek my way through life. Like Lloyd, Im sick and tired of being a nobody and having nobody. Maybe its time to go to Aspen. I hate spyware. I hate the word blog. I hate losing friends. I hate cavities. I hate not knowing if tomorrow will be good for something. I hate being haunted with thoughts of how life should be. I hate overcooked food. I hate people telling me how to live my life. I hate wannabes. I hate boredom. I hate ASSHATS. I hate WHEN i INADVERTENTLY HIT MY CAPS LOCK KEY WHEN TYPING AN 'A'. I hate people who are shady. I hate when the timing is wrong. I hate feeling like Im missing out on life. I hate when there's only one of something good left. I hate existential conundrums. I hate dead axons. I hate excess icons. I hate when I tire from exploring the infinite abyss. I hate when my neck hurts. I hate it when I remember something I'd like to forget. I hate when people don't capitalize a single word in a lengthy email. I hate that life isn't fair. I hate when my taskbar gets too full. I hate being the short stack. I hate my sophomore yearbook pictures. I hate that chivalry is almost dead. I hate when computers freeze up. I hate narrow straws with limited throughput. I hate shrink wrap that can't be opened by just using fingernails. I hate fingernails. I hate fingers. I hate nails. I hate finishing one out of the money in a poker tournament. I hate when I feel like I have something hanging out of my nose and can't pick it. I hate when other people have something hanging out of their nose and I can't pick it. I used to hate it when there wasn't a good place to hide my nose gold after it was mined. I hate lyrics that are hard to understand. I hate pens that don't work. I hate injustices. I hate Cartman's mom. I hate it when people are afraid to ask questions. I hate autonomic dysreflexia. I hate brainstorming. I hate when people dont like that I ruin surprises. I hate when my predictions are wrong. I hate anything analog. I hate listing things I hate. I hate it when I know I'm beat. I hate when people spread rumors. I hate being confused. I hate Pythagoras. I hate narrow doorways. I hate folding a winner. I hate low kickers. I hate using too many poker references. I hate that some days are harder than others. I hate feeling stupid. I hate typing I hate. I hate making people feel awkward. I hate dorky behavior. I hate people that don't know they're acting like dorks. I hate that the word 'gnarly' fell out of favor. I hate admitting that. I hate being misled. I hate being misunderstood. I hate waiting lines. I hate spam emails that try to disguise keywords to avoid filters. Sneaky bastards. I hate pretentious people. I hate stuffing my sorry's in a sack. I hate overanalyzing my own actions. I hate overanalyzing others' actions. I hate compound words. I hate gossip. I hate when batteries die. I hate fevers. I hate flying through a jetwash. I hate problems that don't have an easy solution. I hate hidden agendas. I hate when things don't work out as they should. I hate when others feel unappreciated. I hate that nearly everything is out of reach. I hate chronic fatigue. I hate having my space bubble invaded by undesirables. I hate not welcoming more desirables into my space bubble. I hate holding a small pocket pair when there are 3 over cards on the board. I hate using too many poker references. I hate not being able to follow my own advice. I hate accidentally repeating myself. I hate not being a guy like I used to be. I hate inaccessibility. I hate wasting my time. I hate mean people. I hate when the fries get cold. I hate that cell phones are so much cooler now than when I had one. I hate bad karma. I hate monotony. I hate the word 'dude.' I hate when my friends are crabby. I hate when people go back on their word. I hate losing sight of what's important. I hate feeling like I'm so far out of my league that I'm not even playing the right sport. I hate moral decay. I hate getting caught in a cleavage peek. Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun, you don't stare at it. It's too risky. You get a sense of it and then you look away. I hate not knowing why I learned the quadratic equation and why I still remember it. I hate bees. I hate when things are to be continued. I hate thinking of things when it's too late. I hate when people do things I hate without realizing it. I hate when people do things I hate even though they realize it. I hate seafood. I hate cancer. I hate pain. I hate when egos write checks that bodies can't cash. I hate simple subjects. I hate when things are over, when so much is left undone. I hate that I’ll never truly win. I hate that I can’t be anybody’s hero. I hate my meticulous nature. I hate rocks. I hate geology. I hate pressure. I hate time. I hate trying too hard. I hate not trying hard enough. I hate going to extremes. I hate when people know not what they do. I hate people who don’t appreciate Seinfeld. I hate giving bad grades. I hate the thought of chewing on tinfoil. I hate application deadlines. I hate that I might go to school for three more years just to get a ‘Dr.’ in front of my name. I hate when the printer says PC Load Letter. I hate hanging by a thread. I hate getting asked questions I don’t know the answer to. I hate arrogant Mac users. I hate feeling like I’m disappearing. I hate questioning other peoples’ motives. I hate weddings. I hate saying I’m living the dream when I’m clearly not. I hate traversing a linked list. I hate complacency. I hate not being able to trust people. I hate not being able to trust myself. I hate days when I talk to less than a handful of real people. I hate days when I see less than a handful of real people. I hate that I can’t grab a handful. I hate my hands. I hate being full. I hate not being able to use my fingers and toes for counting. I hate holding people back. I hate when people ask how I’m doing. How does it look like I’m doing? I hate hypothetical questions. I hate the thought of waking up tomorrow to find that five years have passed. I hate myself for loving you. I hate emotion. I hate wanting to glance at John Beckwith’s friend’s book. I hate when people say proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. I hate alliteration. I hate pee. I hate the voice in my head. I hate that people don’t realize The Office is the most re-watchable sitcom since Seinfeld. I hate that nobody sees some real genius in my flying. I hate feeling like an imposition. I hate lying awake at night because my neck hurts. I hate lying awake at night because I’m hot. I hate lying awake at night for no particular reason. I hate reasons. I hate strippers. I hate infinite recursion. I hate that there are other people on the Internet with hate lists, even though I thought it was an original idea. I hate people who abuse their authority. I hate that if you don’t use it, you lose it. I hate attenuation. I hate when people don’t know the rule about not saying ‘no’ to me. I hate when people know the rules but don’t follow them anyway. I hate playing the pity card to excess. I hate no talent ass clowns. I hate when people roll their eyes at me. I hate this. I hate not knowing how to conclude things.


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        After ponchos post, what more could I add????

        T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

        My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


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          I hate that I read all of that
          If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

          Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


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            WOW!!! I agree DD.

            Oh, one thing not mentioned .. I hate feeling cold all the time. Something else, having to see anger taken out of others, especially children.

            Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. ~Victor Hugo~

            A warrior is not one who always wins,
            but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~


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              I hate when my short attention span cant make it though a long hate paragraph. I think Mike has it all covered too


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                I hate that we can't go to the Rally because we just got $2000 + of medical bills in the last week that we rejected by insurance for 99 separate reasons (applied to deductible, over limit for this service, preauthorization not obtained, we just feel like screwing you, etc). It was already a rather foolish proposition finanically to go, but it was really important and such a great learning opportunity for Small Boy ... but down the drain.

                This sucks. Even though I'm AB.
                Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


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                  I love your stellar hate list, Honcho. Seriously.


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                    I hate my incessant, unrelenting need for the use of emoticons to accompany my words. If I cannot say what I want with the correct combination of letters, spaces and moderate punctuation, why do I think a small fake face will better describe what I'm thinking?

                    If that small cartoon face does say it better than the aforementioned combo of keystrokes or Dragon, why am I expending the energy to write these words?

                    I'd say, "Gah," but I hate my use of the word "Gah."

                    **insert emoticon of your choice here because I'm showing restraint and refuse**


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                      LOL LMC .... I say "gah" too much too!!! <-- must add emoticon!!
                      Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


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                        Originally posted by Mike Honcho
                        I hate...Celine Dion.
                        I didn't know she was alive and now I hate her too.

                        She's Alive:


                        Thanks Mike, I wasn't sure I'd have anyone
                        to hate this evening.
                        "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."


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                          67 hours in 5 days .. I'm f'ing tired. I took 3hrs off (2 tonight, 1 last night) before my midnight shifts.

                          I notice now that someone's grandfather has passed away. That means two more shifts, possibly one for me on Tuesday, then back for regularly scheduled afternoons.

                          This is bullshit. They run dispatches all over the country without enough people. That's my rant for today. And my feet are swollen because I've been up so much. And I'm a bit dizzy from being over-tired.
                          Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

                          T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12