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    Looking back...

    I woke up this morning and took my little Bee(dog) out to go pee and watched him walk back up the ramp only to notice that he is moving as I am.It scared me because I know he has less time then I do.As I was listening to the birds,smelling the spring air..I was pondering on my life and where it has left me.Since my accident,I have tried to live somewhat of a normal life.Thinking about what I have tried to do..I am still a man getting older in a wheelchair and that will never change.Im finder it harder to get ready for the day,to get myself ready for an appointment..and to get ready for bed.Im telling you this because im scared im going to lose my friend Bee..and I know im not far behind him.How do I wake up and hes not there..again,my life will take another huge turn for the worst.Knowing this,the sun will still raise..the birds will still sing..and I again will be lost.

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    Dude, Stiggy, now I'm crawling under the bed and I'm not coming back out!

    I gotta confess I've had thoughts like that. I have, for me, the perfect dog. Less than 2 years old and I'm already aware I'm most likely going to outlive him. It's kind of like having a new baby. There is a moment of recognition, when you learn you suddenly love something so much that it is a guaranteed lifetime of worry.

    Pretty scary stuff.

    You're right, when the worst happens, the sun will still rise, people will still fall in love. Kids will still drive too fast, get reckless and die too. You and I will keep getting older. Everybody will but sometimes you get kicked around so you notice it; I surely have been lately.

    Life is loss. It's also joy, and love, and roses, and new-car smell, but there's no denying that loss thing.

    You can't avoid it, so you'd better throw the ball for that dog a few extra times today. A few extra hugs and kisses. He won't know why you're doing it, but I promise he won't mind. I'm going to do the same, for Dingo.

    Ah man, you made me cry. You're sweet. Try not to borrow trouble, ok? It knows where to find you when it's ready...
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      Only this morning I heard a woman on TV say that she knew her beloved dog was getting near death, She was very troubled and distraught at the thought of losing her best friend. What she did, was totally compasionate for both her and the dog. She adopted a mature dog to be a companion to her elderly animal and ease the transition for her when he passes on. This became a win-win for all three. Seems like a good solution for all concerned.
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