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    Karen on YouTube

    Hi Everyone,

    I just thought I would let you know that someone made a short video of Karen and her dreams and put it on YouTube. I didn't even know about it. Anyway, the older person is the "real" Karen while the younger version is almost a double to Karen as a young girl. Her goal is Beijing ......... and medalling of course!

    or type in Search words: paralympics pony dressage riding It's named "Olympic Dreamers".

    Darlene (Karen's Mom) ... we'd better update her site

    Awsome, really great to see. Good luck to Karen.
    Every day I wake up is a good one


      Thanks Cheesecake! Beijing 2008 Paralympics seems like a long ways away, but it will come quickly. The Equestrian portion will actually be held in Hong Kong because Beijing could not let horses come in.

      Thanks for your support.



        so karen walks now? i'm just confused and unfamiliar with the story. liked the video, but are the last coupla minutes blank, or was that my computer?

        good luck, karen!


          Awesome - inspiring - adorable! You must be so proud!


            Thanks Cass & Marmalady,

            Yes, Karen is walking again, and started riding about 6-7 months after her accident. We didn't even know that the movement of a horse forces the same movement in her legs as walking would do, so it was therapeutic for her as well as helpful to her mental well-being. Karen was a top level Athlete in Three-day Eventing (same sport as Christopher Reeve had his accident), and went to the World Championships in 1998 representing Canada, so she was happy that she is able to ride again and compete at the Para-athlete top level. She is an incomplete para at T12.

            Thank you Marmalady for your kind words. Yes, I am extremely proud of her, and the video reminded me so much of Karen as a child. She has always loved horses.

            The last few seconds of the video are blank and black, but not the last 2 minutes.

            Do you ride Cass?


              I actually saw your video last night. It was really inspring. Thank you for putting it up.