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    I'm very thankfull for my chiropractor. I was suffering from some severe neck pain and went to a neuro, he recommended I see one.
    After a couple x-rays we had the office visit. He basically told me of events that happened at x-many years ago and described my history. That was prior to filling out a history. I was very impressed.

    I did ask him to check a shoulder once, won't again. I' think I've got too much upper body buildup, and perhaps the way we use our muscles cause us to be slightly different in treatment.

    He did make one statement also. If you go someplace and they dont' take an x-ray, not to trust them.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B


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      Originally posted by DeadEye
      Who's that Scott? Walker? I could certainly use a good one at times.
      check your PMs


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        Do some research on Network Spinal Analysis and Torque Release method. It's not the old-school cracking and popping that is associated with chiropractors. It is perfectly safe even if you are SCI.

        There are quacky doctors, lawyers and dentists. Whatevs man. Everyone should see a chiropractor.


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          Originally posted by Julie-Bug View Post

          There are quacky doctors, lawyers and dentists. Whatevs man. Everyone should see a chiropractor.
          The key to a good chiropractor is to find one before you are suffering.


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            I went to a chiropractor when my back was really bad... my leg had started to go numb and I had to be helped into her she said my hips were mis aligned ..she worked on that and then pressed..crunched down exactly on the painful area of my back...she suggested there may be something else going on ..that night I went to A and E they after xrays etc sent me home telling me there was nothing wrong with me except a bit of a chest infection and I was exhausted and stressed out from work and just after getting son had to get a wheelchait at the hospital as I could not walk properly on my own. next day again I went back to chiropracter she did the exact same treatment...that evening I went to a different A and E where after spending 2 days in A and E I finally got an mri which showed up the tumour on my spine. The doctors and consultants were horrified that a chiropracter had treated me with when I had loss of movement in my lower limbs...and they were also horrified that I got sent home from other hospital chest infection was actually tumurs in each of my lungs.. my irritabowel was actuallly a tumour in my spleen....ONE TOTAL MISDIAGNOSED CASE.
            I would recommend a cranial osteopath as they do not do any hard pressing on your body its all very light movements.


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              sorry that should read pelvis mis aligned


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                IMOP a chiropracter can really mess up a neck or back that had previous surgery on it .

                Are chiropractors Quack's?
                If it sounds like a Duck going Quack Quack Quack
                and it looks like a Duck
                Probably is a Quacker ....

                I know In my case I wont let any type of person adjust my neck or back
                What I Do is I grab my wheelchair Arm rests handlebars and pop my back on my own LoL