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It's been hard but I'm getting there ..

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    It's been hard but I'm getting there ..

    My website went down about two or three months ago. Apparently my host is no longer hosting anyone anymore. I had tried to get in contact with them but got no reply at all. Had attempted to upload some of newer poems but was unable to do so. Sent them an email, which was the only way I could get in touch with them, and only got them to send me the password to my control panel. I had not forgotten it. This went on for about a month. Finally it(my site) just didn't show anymore. Then I began to send them more emails asking them to let me know what was going on but got no results. Did a search for the hosting places to find out what others had to say about the host I had. I had not had any problems with them since I had started using them as my host. Don't even remember there having any downtimes while my site was hosted by them. Finally, on the searches I found that some other people have had problems with them. I cannot say anything bad about the service they gave me until this time. Up until now, I don't know what happened to them. Their site is not working correctly. They still offer the same thing they offered me but when you attempt to buy their services, you get nothing. The site doesn't work at all. Too bad this happened because I was happy with their service.

    Anyways, Nick has offered to host me on his puter. I accepted and have been working on my poems again. Plus had to upload all my files to his so it has taken me a lot of work and time. I have made a lot of changes on them and put up more poems I had not posted before. Also, have tried to make them all accessible to most of the browsers. I know that some browsers don't work well with some of the things I like to put on my work, such as the invisible scroll bar on the pages. I like that bar and wish it could work with the other browsers. I will not ask anyone to change their browsers, but have found that if and when you go there and the page won't scroll with your mouse, you only need to pull down on the scroll bar itself or scroll on the text. It will work that way too. I have put on my homepage that the site is viewed better with IE but I will leave it up to all who go there as to what they want to view it with.

    So .. the homepage is the same .. . The only thing is there might be some of the poems that might not be working yet or not working correctly. I am doing my best to get them all up to work and correctly too. Do hope those who visit my site enjoy my work and continue to visit it too. Will also be attempting to get a guestbood for those visit to sign in and comment if you all want.

    Hope to see you visit me there.

    Btw, if you don't want to hear the music I have put on some of my pages, you can click on the ESC button and it will stop playing the music but you can still continue to read the poem.

    Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. ~Victor Hugo~

    A warrior is not one who always wins,
    but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~