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i got married 9 years ago.

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  • i got married 9 years ago.

    i got married 9 years ago[25 th of december ].after 3 years i ex and her family after they heard about my injury [2002]they said...adi deserved.....2 years ago my ex brother in law had a sci.[c4-c5]he jumped in a swimming pool [not enough water in the pool].they dont laugh anymore.
    strange way to learn what a sci means.god doesnt like ab people who dont respect sci humble opinion.

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    today we share informations regarding a cure and my ex mother in law [certified nurse]help me with my iv antibiotics when i need them.
    before my accident they hated me ,today they love me.
    my ex wife lives and work in usa because of me .[us citizen adi].
    my first i cannot move my fingers?
    i know how to handle an iv ,i did surgeries with my professors and i saved animals lifes more then 7 years .an iv or a injection is welcome from an ex mother in law.


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      I guess Karma has a way, eh?