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There's a New Driver on the Road

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    There's a New Driver on the Road


    My brother, Dennis, passed his driver test today, with flying colors!! After almost 3.5 years, he is officially back on the road!!

    He is C5/6 and until about 2 months ago, never thought it would happen. I am so happy for him, he gets some FREEDOM back!

    Also, he has started up a little business for himself - graphic design. If you have a chance, check out his site:

    His designs can be produced on all kinds of shirts, mugs, cards, hats, etc.

    It was a good day.


    Congrats! My husband, C5 quad, got his too after 3 years of paralysis. Only one problem, first left turn as a driver and he fell over and kept turning right into another car. $5,000.00 in damage later, he doesn't really like to drive. Hope your brother has a good chest belt! Good luck to you.


      Congratulations, I'm sure it's a good feeling to get back on the road. As soon as they make a chin control system, I'm there.
      C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.



        Hope he was OK!

        Dennis does have a heavy duty chest belt. He drives from his chair.

        The only real problem has to do with the break peddle. The van still is equipped for other people to drive - steering wheel is there, and you can put the driver seat back in place. There is a "block" near the brake peddle that tends to stick and has made the brake lights stay on, draining the battery more than once (this happened while he was still practicing). So someone has to make sure that block is not rested on the peddle.

        There's always something.


          We had the same problem, turned out the spring to the hand control just had to be tightened so the brake lights wouldn't stay on. He's fine by the way. He didn't get hurt at all. I was in the passenger seat and had my own brake on that side. My instincts made me push him up from falling. I should have hit the brake!


            by the way... the artwork is beautiful. Tell him keep up the great work!


              Congrats to him on getting back driving. It took me 19 months and I was so pleased when it finally happened. It's been over 2 years and I'm still giddy every time I drive. Mine is set up for others too with a blocking plate. I'm a little confused on how yours is pushing against the pedal..? How did the driver's trainer let him leave w/o that being correct? I would def. take it back and let them make it right. Getting a dead battery really stinks, esp. if he were to be alone.. Again, congrats.

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