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today is 4 years..

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    today is 4 years..

    woo hoo..actually not until around 10:30 tonight. time has really flown by. it just seems like i was in rehab learning my new life. all in all it really hasn't been too rough of a ride for me. i am always surrounded by great family and friends which keeps me entertained. also, having this site with new friends and others that tolerate me on a daily basis.. i can't thank you enough. it doesn't make my disability go away, but i know that i'm not alone. and i always stay busy, which i think is key to keeping your mind off things. i am planning on treating today as any other day bc that's just what it is.

    Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

    If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia

    Hey Jeff;

    Peace to you.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang


      Our accidents were almost on the same day! how exciting hah.
      I'm liking the avatar as well. Keep living it up.
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        Originally posted by 2jazzyjeff
        also, having this site with new friends and others that tolerate me on a daily basis.. i can't thank you enough.
        Keep telling yourself that, Jeff.

        Glad you're here, tell your sister I said .


          "you wear it well."


            yo jeff, seems like october's the fav month for sci to happen, eh?

            oh yeah ...

            peace be with you ...


              Originally posted by 2jazzyjeff
              woo hoo..actually...and others that tolerate me on a daily basis.. i can't thank you enough.
              Well, at least you got part of it right.

              Glad you're here; who else could I poke fun at on a daily basis...and mean it.

              Nah, really, glad you're here. Now what was that prize dig I had cookin...ah, wtf, forget it for now; it'll come to me soon and I'll be sure to pass it along.

              Hum, in the light of the reality that it'll get better as time progresses, by your mid forties I don't see how you're gonna be able to stand all the fun.
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              "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."


                Four years comes and goes....
                What are your plans for the next four?
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                  An honor and pleasure to know you sir!

                  Continued peace and health to you!

                  And the truth shall set you free.



                    Never met anyone with a more positive attitude! Hope all is going well for you and that you are not too busy. Hope to have the chance to chat soon. Take care.


                      Jeff your a wonderful friend thanks for your humor it keeeps me laughing You did so much in your 4 yrs with talking to people at shepard and helping people getting past the hard times of SCI. Keep smiling and keep wearing your bright shirts ANTY
                      Be always determined in Life and Love


                        Jeff had my 4 yr ann. about 3 weeks ago, time fly's


                          Well Jeff, I can certainly say I am glad I found this site and the friendships it has brought. Your and Jukey's antics keep me entertained everyday.

                          I hate that we all had to join this club but I am glad I have met friends like you.

                          My anniversary usually passes and I dont even know it.

                          Keep hanging in there, laughing, and wearing those flowery shirts.
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                            Hey Jeff, 3 years for me last month. You really are one of your shirts personified Keep smiling. The future is flowery


                              Four years - what a light-weight. Oh, almost forgot your favourite smiley.

                              I don't know why, but it reminds me of a baboon...

                              Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood! Larry in 'Closer', a play by Partick Marber