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Inmates provide dog training-Brilliant-Attn Kendell!

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    Inmates provide dog training-Brilliant-Attn Kendell!

    I was looking on the internet at the no-kill shelter where I got my little guy Dingo, just to see what's new. What I found was that a lot of the dogs now come obedience trained! Apparently they are making the dogs more adoptable by sending them to various correctional facilities for 8 weeks of training provided by inmates! The shelter Dingo came from already uses juvenile delinquents for free labor. I ran into one of Jake's buddies, a kid from up the street, working in there. He was on court-ordered community service for streaking a high school football game. In his boxer shorts no less...

    When I got Dingo I noticed this place was rapidly becoming the Pit Bull and Huge Unadoptable Dog Shelter. This seems like such a creative solution to the unwanted dog problem. Made my day.

    "The National Council on Pet Overpopulation conducted a study to determine why dogs are surrendered to shelters. They found that 96% of dogs given up by their owners had not received any obedience training. Over 3 million dogs are euthanized in this country every year. We find that, seemingly, many inmates and dogs have hit a dead end. But a dead end is just a good place to turn around.

    Our first and most important commitment is to the community; not just the local community, but all of them! This program is dedicated to giving dogs a chance to reach their full potential. And to give the inmates skills, greater self-confidence, and a willingness to focus on others’ needs before their own."

    Random example dog below:

    Kismet is a very nice dog who loves to snuggle. Beautiful and sweet, this is one you will fall right in love with!

    Kismet is currently enrolled in an extensive dog training program at the Diamondback Correctional Facility in Watonga. There she will actually live in the cells with the prisoners and receive training for 8 weeks. This training includes the commands sit, down, stay, wait, touch, and come. They also work with them on several tricks such as opening doors and turning on light switches, jumping through hoops and agility exercises.
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    What a great Idea!!!

    So Dingo in the picture was your little dog.....He was so cute. He reminds me of my Harley. I think they would be good friends...LOL
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      I looked at this again, and realized the name of the program is Pen-Pals. LOL, that's pretty good.

      I recognize some of these dogs from the doggy park at the shelter. I hope they all find good homes when they graduate.

      Darkeyed Daisy-Dingo is a prince among dogs. When I took him to my friends house, he just joined The Herd, no questions asked. My friend says that's unusual.
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        Hey Betheny.

        What a fabulous idea! Debbie and I watched a show on TV some months back about a program in a prison in which the inmates work with pups who are (hopefully) going to become assistance dogs. I've forgotten all the details, but I remember it was a hugely popular program with inmates waiting in line for their chance to participate.

        It makes perfect sense to combine inmates and animals. Most people love animals, and most animals (well, dogs anyway ) love everybody. How wonderful to give both inmates and pups a chance at a new beginning!

        But, please, no more links to cute pups needing a good home. We have two pups and two pussycats already and have probably exceeded our quota as is, but we are highly vulnerable to furry faces anyways.

        Hi to Prince Dingo, too!
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          I watched that same "special" on tv. They even find out the dogs that have that "little extra" for ppls. with epilepsy...I think that is awesome.

          It's wonderful to see a grown man in prison for say..."murder"..
          cry when his work with the dog is over and he has to give him up for adoption.

          Kinda' gives one hope that there is still some "compassion" in em' somewhere at least for animals.

          It is absolutely the BEST THING for kids if you get them early enough!

          I commend anyone who takes on that task for the betterment of both worlds.

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