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  • stuck in bed

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to say hi. I haven't been able to get to my computer much because I'm stuck in bed with a pressure sore on my tailbone. My first real sore on the butt area yet. So now I'm doing the side to side thing which is driving me crazy since I am unable to use my laptop very well in bed. I try to read some threads when I can, but my time has been very limited.

    Anyway, this thread isn't for sympathy. I just miss you guys!

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    Heal soon!


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      Hope you heal soon.I have a tray that i use`in bed for my laptop.Any way hope you feel better.
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        quick healing.i know how is to be stuck in bed because of this kind of sores.


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          Hope you mend quickly. Have you been to a wound clinic?
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            Aww! Good well soon, buddy! I've noticed you haven't posted much and neither has La meme. Where is she?


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              I hope you heal fast. I've been there and done that and it isn't fun. I echo Lynnifer's question. Have you been to a wound clinic? Seen a doc about it?

              Mine appeared to be getting smaller, but what my doc didn't tell me was that it was getting bigger underneath what we couldn't see. Make sure it doesn't close before it heals underneath.
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                Oh I'm sorry, get a Roho cushion than you can sit up if it is a shallow sore.
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         may hate me for saying this but...

                  This thread sure puts a new light to your nickname...

                  HEY, I HAD TO SAY THAT...I had to...LOL

                  Take care, God bless...Mend well.



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                    Sorry to say I've been there many times myself. Heal up soon, keep the protein up.
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                      I hope you get that thing healed soon.....

                      I would go crazy without my laptop......

                      I miss you too.....
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                        Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. This site is full of friends! I haven't been able to see my doctor or get it looked at yet. A nurse told me to put some duoderm on it which I was able to get yesterday.

                        Kristi, so what happened to your sore? It appeared to be going away yet getting bigger underneath? That sounds pretty scary. Is there any way of finding out what lies beneath? By the way, I hope your leg is doing better. I was thinking about other people who had problems recently and you came to mind.

                        Thanks again friends.


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                          Heal quick take care of that sore anty
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                            When I had a small sore on my tailbone, I was able to sit a few hours a day by having my roho cushion pulled out a bit so there was only air under the tailbone, thus no pressure on it. Maybe you can discuss this idea with your doctor or wound care person.

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