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Conquering Anxiety

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    Conquering Anxiety

    The Effexor I've been taking seems to have lost its effectiveness. I suffer from almost as much panic symptoms as I did without it, perhaps even more in some circumstances. Rather than up the dosage, I'm going to ween off and quit.

    I was wondering what others have done besides Rx drugs to battle anxiety and panic attacks. Any good natural supplements help you? Any other suggestions?

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        Todd, I PM'ed you here...



          I agree with meditation. Also counseling - a good therapist can really, really help. I had severe anxiety when my son was born; it came hand in hand with severe postpartum depression. My therapist was the key to anxiety quelling, not so much the meds.

          I also highly recommend aromatherapy. Light a candle, incense, wax "tarts" (yankee candle has them for example) and breathe in the smell as you relax your body and visualize the anxiety draining away. Something about the smell, and choosing whatever relaxes you, really helped me.

          Good luck Todd, I've BTDT. And it sucks.
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            Originally posted by zillazangel
            I also highly recommend aromatherapy. Light a candle, incense, wax "tarts" (yankee candle has them for example) and breathe in the smell as you relax your body and visualize the anxiety draining away. Something about the smell, and choosing whatever relaxes you, really helped me.

            Good luck Todd, I've BTDT. And it sucks.
            I haven't made a study of aromatherapy but know it can work. Another source of useful aromas is herbal/flower essences, many of which have effects associated with them, i. e.

            Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil: Warming and toning. Restoring peace of mind and counteracting depression. Clarifying, uplifting, energizing.

            Rosemary Essential Oil:
            Refreshing, empowering, mind-clearing. Very popular in skin and hair care. Has been known to help enhance memory.

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              Thank you all for the replies. No phobias here that I am aware of, just general anxiety.


                Sorry to hear they are giving you some problems, Todd. A little suggestion on my behalf .. relaxation exercises and deep, deep breathing also.

                Hope you feel better soon.

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                  imho people should never take pharmaceutical psychotropics without getting counseling too (even tho they do, all the time). getting both increases the effectiveness of the drugs and reduces the need to keep upping the dosage.

                  there are a number of psychotherapeutic interventions to deal with anxiety - cognitive therapy, desensitization exercises, relaxation training etc. think about what approach you like and find a therapist who is skilled in that area.

                  the new agey things like aromatherapy are so far unproven but some people swear by them.

                  also: have you ever been evaluated for PTSD?
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                    I'm not sure I have PTSD. I took spasm medication for several years post-injury. After stopping the spasm medication, my panic symptoms started occurring. I think the spasm medication was keeping me calmer all those years.


                      I'm sorry Todd, hang in there. My mother meditates and it has helped her through the cancer, she also saw a therapist.
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                        I also deal with anxiety and I'm certain I deal with PTSD. I've never been crazy about being on medications either. Right now I'm on cymbalta, it seems to help but it also helps with my pain. I would have to agree with others and say that you should try counseling. I also think its important to find someone you feel comfortable with...don't be afraid to change therapists if they don't seem to work for you. I know this from first hand experience. I also go to counseling on a weekly basis now. Hopefully with counseling they can find the root of the anxiety and give you tools to deal with the panic attacks. With the help of counseling and a psychiatrist(I think they prescribe meds) maybe they could find a medication that would work better for you.

                        As far as natural remedies, I've tried St. Johns Wart in the past. I think it is primarily used for depression though. I've also used 5HTP. In addition to supplements that was all that I was taking pre SCI. I have dealt with depression for quite a while, the anxiety and PTSD is all related to my injury I think.

                        I was on Effexor pre SCI...its kind of weird when you come off of it. Even gradually. I had these weird kind of "shocks" for lack of a better word in my head. They did eventually go away...but just so you know what to expect.

                        I hope this is helpful.




                          I go on and off with anxiety issues myself. I have PTSD, see a therapist, meditate(breathing and manta), paint and write.... but also find that some anti-spasmodics/benzodiazepines also help by relieving my muscle tension and those crazy unpredictable spasms -- which in themselves cause anxiety i.e sometimes I get volitile hand spasms and don't want to crash into people or objects in public.
                          i tried all antidepressants available but my body reacted w/ more tone/spasms...and thus not too helpful. so 4 me a ongoing holistic approuch is working best.

                          But, then again I do know toooooooo many people who are not injured who have much more anxiety than I do. soooo....We could just be living in the age of anxiety.


                            I found Xanax to be a specific for anxiety attacks. Works like a charm. The new antidepressents, though, (zoloft,paxil, etc) actually caused it for me. I dumped them all.

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                              In early 2005, I went to a psychiatrist because of panic symptoms. The first month or so of trying medications was annoying. I'd get these strange hot flushes throughout my body and they only intensified when I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Oh boy! It was awful fearing those would never end.