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"Chain of exploitation."

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    "Chain of exploitation."

    Now that most movies are available on DVD I find myself looking forward to the "Director's Commentaries" on them. I enjoy gaining insight into the creative processes of those who make films I enjoy...but I also find myself wondering what was going on in the minds of those that make movies that don't work for me. Such was the case with the DVD of "Cellular" that I recently watched.

    The commentary track consisted of the chatty reflections of director David R. Ellis,
    audio commentary from director David R. Ellis, assistant stunt coordinator/director’s sister Annie Ellis, and producer/director’s daughter Tawny Ellis plus various guests. Most of the track puts the three Ellises together for a running, screen-specific piece. Periodically the commentary branches out for the guests. Ellis calls each and chats with them on the phone for a few minutes. Clearly they recorded these segments separately and dropped them into the running discussion. We hear from New Line president Bob Shaye,
    Shaye ends his highly favorable valuation of the film with what appears to be a slip of the tongue: "...and I hope the whole...chain of exploitation; the, er, whole chair of selling and getting people interested in the movie works out...".

    I understand that the CEO of New Line may be expected to be primarily interested in the financial sucess of the film but believe it to be dishonest and somewhat twisted for him to view it's promotion as a "chain of exploitation".

    Finally, as the film and commentary were very disapointing in general, I was pleased to discover this revealing little error of judgement left in the audio commentary.

    *My apologies to bobclark and jazzyretard for the use of some "big" words and a less (or more, depending on your viewpoint) than concise writing style.
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    Freudian slip?


      so........ i guess you didn't like the movie or commentary?

      to be even more disappointed, try War of the Worlds or The Village..

      oops, didn't want your limited mind to get off track by my high I.Q. redirecting you to other titles..

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