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Recreational Therapist getting Phd. needs interviews for disertation

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    Recreational Therapist getting Phd. needs interviews for disertation

    I was contacted by Sanghee Chun, an Indiana University Phd. student. She is looking for SCIs who are leading fulfilling and productive lives to interview for her disertation. I participated earlier this summer and she was very nice. I guess she still needs people to interview. She said that she is willing to drive to the Chicago area, which is about 4 hours away. So, if you live within 4 hours of Bloomington, Indiana (in any direction, I imagine) and would like to participate, respond here. I feel compelled to help people who want to help others. I am going to send her a link to this thread, so she can see what's going on and respond herself. I am very interested in reading the final product. Here is one of the emails that she sent me.
    ================================================== =
    Hello, Mr. White,

    I was very excited to hear from you and to hear that you know other
    people who has similar experiences to yours.

    Yes, I am looking for people who have physical disabilities caused by
    sudden traumatic events or illness and who are now leading a productive

    As a leisure behavior major specializing in recreation therapy, I chose
    my dissertation topic, “the roles of leisure in the experience of
    personal growth for people with physical disabilities.”

    I am planning to conduct interviews during summer. The interview will
    take approximately for 1 to 2 hours on your personal life story before
    and after experiencing physical disability. You can talk about your
    life changes and successful current life just like a grandfather tells
    a story to his grandchildren.

    Could you please give me a chance to meet you in person and hear your
    life story?

    I can meet you anytime and anywhere you want to during June. I can
    visit your office, home, or any other places during your comfortable
    time. Just sooner is better for me.

    If you would like to, please let me know when (date and time) and where
    I can interview you.

    I am attaching the study information sheet for your information. I just
    want to let you know that strict confidentiality will be maintained and
    the participants will not be identified.

    If you have any questions or concerns for this study, just let me know.

    I appreciate your kindness and support.

    Sanghee Chun
    Doctoral Student & Associate Instructor
    Indiana University, Bloomington
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    well if she wants to talk on the phone she may get more #'s from out of state
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      I would definitely be willing to do a phone interview. sorry.... no time for a road trip.

      Total Est. Time: 8 hours, 58 minutes
      Total Est. Distance: 508.04 miles
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        same here.


          I know there are people in Indiana and Chicago and Cincinnati that fall into this category, but they aren't reading this. I guess I should have put that in the title of the thread. Too late to change it now.

          I think all of the interviews have to be in person, butI'll try to get her here to verify and explain. Thanks for the replies.


            I'm in Cincinnati, and we have an active support group here if that's not too far for her to travel.


              would playing online poker and fishing all day be considered as productive?
              oh well


                what's her timeframe for getting this done? I'll be up that way later this fall.


                  Nice avatar scott. I think she's almost done with the interviews. As far as I know, she has 15 out of the 20 that she originally wanted.

                  Do you concider it productive, Ken?

                  I will let her know about the Cincinnati group. How do you get in touch with them? ...and how often do you meet?


                    Originally posted by jplw
                    I will let her know about the Cincinnati group. How do you get in touch with them? ...and how often do you meet?
                    We usually meet the first Thursday of each month, but I can contact some of them if she wants. You can contact me at kathleenputman(at)yahoo(dot)com