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Did anyone else see "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" over the weekend?

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    Did anyone else see "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" over the weekend?

    "I'm thinking of being a crack dealer....not a bad crack dealer, but a friendly crack dealer. I'd be like, hey guys, what's up? Wanna buy some crack?"

    That was tooo funny. I'm still laughing at that line.

    The first 20 minutes were hilarious and then it dropped off a bit after that with hilarity mixed in every now and then. Overall, I give it 1 out of 2 paralyzed appendages.
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    Saw it last night, enjoyed it quite a bit. Still laughing at the crack dealer line myself. Enjoyed the driving scenes and liked the music selection too.
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      -Ricky Bobby awakes groggy in the hospital-

      Cal: "Hey Ricky, uh, I think I need to let you know something about my past...Back when you moved away, I was approached by Playgirl to do a spread in their magazine...Well, I did....I did a full spread too, spread my butt cheeks all the way apart and everything"

      Yea I saw it....It was definitely funny, but I guess I just had my hopes too high going in....not as funny as I expected, but still worth seeing....

      And I agree with KVP....The soundtrack was awesome....


        Saw it tonight. It was funny, yes, but not Anchorman funny. Anchorman and Old School were falling' out my friggin' chair funny. The storyseemed to really jump around, it had some dumb jokes, and the characters didn't seem to humorously click they did in Anchorman. I too got my hope up too high. I'd give it about 2.5/4 stars.

        I did see the preview for BORAT the movie (the guy on my avatar). That's going to be hilarious. He's one of Sacha Baron Cohen's character's from "Da Ali G Show," which started in Britian and was on HBO. Can't wait for it.
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          Hilarious is gonna be the Trailer Park Boys movie.


            Saw it tonight.
            It blew.
            I want my money back.


              I didn't see it yet. But I watched Anchorman, Ron Burgundy and thought that was so unfunny and a rip-off! I was really disappointed. They showed the three funniest scenes from the movie in the advertisement trailer so I expected more. I even paid to watch it on PPV, which I very rarely do. I usually wait until they come on HBO or much longer and on the American Movie Classic Channel. Oh well, live and learn.

              Ya pay yer money and ya take yer chances.
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                I saw it and thought it was pretty good. Thought the story got kind of redundant after awhile. There were indeed some funny parts though. The out takes at the end were GREAT and of course MY favorite driver made an appearance! Seriously about ripped my BF's hand off squeeking when I saw him!! It wasn't as good as I suspected it would be, but it's funny.

                When Ricky Bobby was doing all those commericial ad's during the movie I so thought of Wayne's World. It was basically the same idea there.

                At least not ALL funny parts were shown on the previews. I know they have to draw you in, but that pisses me off when you go to a movie and all the good parts you have seen already. You, Me, and Dupree was that way. You have nothing to look forward to.
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