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A huge accident in the "handicap" restroom!!

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  • A huge accident in the "handicap" restroom!!

    We had a huge accident today at the Dr.'s office. Long story short, Mike had already had the accident when I convinced him to get on the toilet. Now what? Friggen muddy poo everywhere (you know the kind like paste) that I couldn't clean because how can he get up? He raised himself a few times, but that was a huge mess. Anyway 20 minutes later the toilet overflowed from my wet paper towels and I had to basically lift him off the toilet back into the chair. So, we didn't see the doc.

    It was a nightmare.

    So, here is my question........... Do any non-ambulatory paras use the restroom in public places? Dumb question cuz we should all be doin the BP, but this snuck up on us big time! He just did the BP last night.

    A friend mentioned ot me the other day, you never really though about who was using those bathrooms but it certainly isn't non-walkers, or is it???

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    isn't he still wearing depends/attends/diapers/nappies?

    i don't. and i've had accidents b4 i could hobble/gimp along.

    a few suggestions:
    don't use paper towels in the toilet.
    they don't flush.

    transfer to the toilet.
    take off the shoes, socks, pants and then underwear.
    that way you can keep from soiling more of the clothing.
    from the toilet, do your thing (dig-stim, whatever) till your clean.
    use towels to clean up whatever mess.
    throw the towels away in the trash.
    throw some more towels on top of it.
    for me, usually the underwear's all that's messed up.
    i'll transfer in my chair.
    i'll wash the underwear in the sink and try to dry it with more towels & pack it away.
    change into my spare underwear.
    get dressed.

    yeah, sometimes the process takes some time. somebody else might have better suggestions. oh ... and another thing. don't be embarrassed. just sorta act like everything is normal.


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      "Everything is normal!! It just smells like 100 diapers in here and um, yep, I am a woman and that's my husbands stinky shorts on the floor!!"

      When on the toilet he can't hoist up enough to clean up. At least not when there's a 1/4 of poo like peanut butter stuck everywhere!!!! Id id bring extra shorts that he just covered himself with when we left.

      We didn't need to strip down. Well he had a tank top on but he came in with shorts that we took off and no shoes because his feet are the size of baby watermelons!!

      He doesn't wear underwear since the accident...


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        seriously. you've never seen an AB use a dis stall? you have never used one yourself? never noticed the baby changing tables in dis stalls? and....paper towels??

        oops, sorry, misread your ? nevermind!


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          CC, I recall one day that I had gone to lunch when the runnies began. The only thing I could think of doing at the time was to go home and change. Called the office and told them I had to go home and that it was an emergency. And it was.

          I don't know how most of the others deal with this but since there was a lot of co-workers in my place of employment that just didn't seem to understand my situation, I felt that I had no other option. I don't know how your hubby might feel about having other people being there to see his possible embarrasment but maybe he would have felt/feel better doing it like I did.

          The only other option that I can think of is going to doctor's office and having them let you use a room to take care of the situation. Am pretty sure that they would understand and be glad to help you both to deal with it. Also, Dan's suggestion about using the disposables is a great one. Particularly on going out days. Plus having extra diapers, adult wipes and/or a plastic bag with you always to dispose of them on those emergencies would help too.

          Hope these ideas help.

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          Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. ~Victor Hugo~

          A warrior is not one who always wins,
          but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~


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            Admiitedly, I used to always use them. Good with the kids when the 3 of us need to fit in there. I never parked in a handicap spot though.
            Thanks Raven.

            I am going ot reschedule and insist they have a commode on hand just in case. That isn't unreasonable.


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              NEVER saw a baby changing table in a bathroom, EVER.
              I personally CAN't get on a commode, can't balance, let alone unpack mud with one hand. I can sympathize with the mud problem, that's what I call it. Paper towels or a wash rag is the ONLY way to get it cleaned off. I woulda went to the house BEFORE I tried the toilet anyway for those reasons. Been 10 years since I sat on a throne,lol.

              Like DAN says, take a spare pair of shorts or pants. IF I'd have been in his shoes and thought to have a spare... I guess the thing would have been get some of that paper they put over the doc's exam table. Let him raise up in the wc and put that paper over the wc cushion. THEN chuck the old shorts in the sink(undress in the chair). sit down on the paper covered cushion. Lean way over n wash the mud as best I could with the paper towels and pull the dirty paper cover, while rasing straight up, put a fresh cover down. Put my backup duds on. Hit the road for the hut and get a shower.
              If ya was REALLY wanting to see the doc, I guess you could but if it had been my smelly ol aRse, I'd said later doctor d00d and went home.

              I've went out a few times and had a mud pie hatch in my britches. Ya don't know til ya slide outta the truck and into the chair. Then the funk hits....hmmmm, I know what THAT smell is(if there isn't a dead possum laying nearby)
              I just got back in the truck and went home.

              Ain't nothing aggravates me as much as that, nothing. Yep, i'da been using paper towels too. I'm starting to get tired of all these smart aRses mouthing off like a punk about how you guys are trying there best to handle these situations. Lucky they can't be grabbed about the scrawny neck and get a size 12 up their hole. Some of you people just PLAIN SUCK.

              If ya don't have anything helpful to say, stay the hell outta the post. Jerk offs aren't a needed commodity in times like these. Take your smacktard sissy comments somewhere else.



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                Originally posted by Chopperchick
                "Everything is normal!! It just smells like 100 diapers in here and um, yep, I am a woman and that's my husbands stinky shorts on the floor!!"
                I don't know if it gets easier or if you just get thicker skin.


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                  ummm capn gimp....the baby changing tables aren't in men's restrooms duh doncha know, only moms change diapers??

                  sometimes there are public "family" restrooms which were a godsend to me with a growing son and being single mom.

                  and oh yeah...they combine the hc stall w/changing table in women's bathroom all the time. i've had to wait for 3 baby changes!

                  yes cc, i used to use them too! again, i misread your question. thought you were askin if ABs ever use those stalls! sorry.
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                    Cap'n you said it!!!! It hits when you are gettin out and it's mud! It happened once before but we were getting home from rehab.

                    He did have spare shorts today but the damage was beyond repair and we wern't able to clean up enough. And no, he didnt care about seeing the doc. He woulda just left after the first sign or the mudslide but I talked him into the toilet thing becuase we had driven 40 minutes to see the doc.

                    Cass, believe it or not, there was a changing table in the mens bathroom today!! And, luckily, the bathroom was very clean! I have heard horror stories about mens restrooms.'

                    So tonight, we are deleting the Senna tabs and doing colace and lactulose although, I think Lactulose is the greatest conspirator in making mud....
                    Senna tabs kinda scare me because diarreah could be a real ugly situation....


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                      Originally posted by cass
                      ummm capn gimp....the baby changing tables aren't in men's restrooms duh doncha know, only moms change diapers??
                      funny how it seems every mens room seems to have a baby changing table in the hc bath.


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                        they do? good! i assumed from capn gimp's post they didn't! and i was bein sarcastic, ya know i don't frequent men's restrooms! mebbe capn gimp thought it was an ironing board? lol. they fold up....

                        btw, capn gimp, i wasn't trying to be a smartass, in case you were addressing me. sorry. and sorry cc, if i sounded that way.

                        altho dannc, surely you jest as most women's bathrooms don't have em. i coulda used them a lot. i still vote for the family bathroom. i guess i exaggerated on the "all the time" thing. do you do many road trips? me and kimberly woulda killed for those changing tables at rest stops.

                        cc, i like how you're hangin in there and askin questions. everybody needs somebody like you when newly injured.
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                          In England all the disabled toilets seem to be unisex, and they all seem to have those baby-changing tables.

                          I've only had to poo once while out. I had to use the disabled toilet in a service station. My bf helped me get on the toilet, which wasn't too difficult. Getting my pants down was bad though. I did my business fine, and cleaned up ok.( CC, could Mike not reach down between his legs to clean himself up?)
                          Getting dressed again was bad, but the worst thing was getting back into my chair. That was extremely dificult. My bf had to do most of the work, as it was uphill without a sliding board.
                          AND, there was this electric hand dryer, which was stupidly placed just over the grab bar next to the toilet. I had to use this bar, and that f***ing dryer was going off every two seconds, making both me and the bf sweat more (it was a hot day anyway).
                          We managed to get me into the chair only by taking off my cushion first.

                          After all that, I was tired, so I went and stuffed my face at the Burger King nearby. I figured I deserved it.


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                            I'm so sorry you had this problem. We always carry extra pants, and baby wipes just in case but soeties your right easier to just go home. We've encountered it once or twice where it was just too bad to deal with fully. Best advice carry extra set of pants, baby wipes, and do the best you can then get home if it's too bad. Hope things are starting to improve.


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                              When rollin and I were still starry-eyed, we went to a local mall. He can tell when it's time to go, but didn't want to say anything to me. I guess he was hoping it would just evaporate . By the time we got to the accessible/family bathroom, it was just too late. Rollin wears boxers. I can transfer him, but doing it while trying to pull his shorts down fast enough to save the pants was a trick. So now he's on the throne. I tossed the boxers, then started cleaning him up with wet TP. The toilet was one of those that flushes automatically, so every time he'd bend forward so I could gain access, it'd flush. After a while, he was, well, not fresh as a daisy, but tolerable. But he wouldn't put his jeans on without shorts. So I left him sitting there and went and bought another pair. The bathroom was one of those huge rooms with a kiddie toilet, regular toilet, changing table. I couldn't lock the door behind me, so I put his chair as close to the door as I could, then ran off for the new shorts. When I got back, some woman and her maybe 4 yr old boy were standing at the door. As I went to go in, she tried to stop me. Turns out she'd tried to go in, saw poor rollin, went back out and stood guard over the door so no one else would walk in on him. Got him dressed again and left, but the evening was a bust.
                              For a woman having to help her guy in a men's room, I have experience. (Too bad I can't put it on my resume.) One time, I left the stall to wash my hands and a guy walks in, looks, and says 'Well, one of us is in the wrong place.' I just smiled and went back into the stall til he left. The way we do it is, rollin goes in first to see if any penises are in view. If not, then I follow. If guys are at the sink, do NOT try to make eye contact, and no smiling. Eyes front, we head for the handicapped stall. Business done, we leave. You can usually tell if someone's come in and is 'busy'. I've never been accosted, tho I know eyebrows raise. Sorry guys, I'm not checking out the talent .
                              Included in the everpresent backpack are wipes, gloves, an old pair of his boxers, a set of his meds and a plastic bag for his joystick. It all just stays in the pack, and I swap out the meds once a month. I suppose I could wrap soiled shorts in the plastic bag, but I'd rather spend six or seven bucks for a new pair.
                              If you're dealing with clay, Vaseline cuts it. And lactulose is probably the culprit, rather than the senna. Rollin takes six senna every day (he's on opiates), but I'm not strong enough to get lactulose down him, nor dumb enough to try . That is some nasty sh*t, and produces the same.
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