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  • Technical transfer videos examples

    Hey all,

    I am new to care cure but have been reading/enjoying the forum for a while and thought I would post. I have noticed continued interest in transfer techniques and thought I would post a few videos of my own, specifically some of the more technical variety( floor to chair, SUV, and also a clip of wheelchair racing in door roller training set up). I am a strait up C7/8ish complete SCI, so no funky magical innervation patterns here, just strong triceps, back etc. Take a look if interested and please let me know if you have any questions or criticisms.

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    Thanks Racer.........WOW - 2 levels make SOOOOO much difference. Damn lack of triceps.

    Great technique though
    C5/6 incomplete

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      Gee, all that and NO BRAKES!
      Impressive. Makes me feel like a complete lump though - I'm T4 - in the time it takes me to get into the car, you could have hopped in and out about 10 times and driven around the block!


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        Fast floor to chair! I'm wondering how tall you are and is your chair about 14" wide? Thanks for the vids.


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          you are my hero..


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            Hey PeteShick , I am about 5’ 9’’ and the chair is actually 13’’ wide. If your question about size is related to pulling an entire chair into a car I have seen people do it with a chair up to 15-16 ‘’ wide.

            Sporty- thanks smart ass ! lol


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              Originally posted by PeteShick
              Fast floor to chair! I'm wondering how tall you are and is your chair about 14" wide? Thanks for the vids.
              Yeah, what's the size of your chair, that thing looks super small. I know a T10 para that gets in his truck sort of like that, except he has to remove a wheel to get the chair in. His chair is 16x16 I think.

              On your floor to chair transfer, how do you keep your legs from floping over? I've tried it like that, but my legs don't cooperate. What is your left hand/arm doing? I can't tell where it is from the angle of the video. I can get off the floor by facing the chair and going up to my knees then pushing up and turning. This is my floor-chair video. That video is old, it was taken right after I figured out how to do it. I can do it much faster now.

              EDIT: I guess you replied while I was still typing.
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                Dude, you make me feel like a retard! That SUV transfer is great!


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                  Hi, jimnms,

                  Good point, leg management can be tricky depending on your flexibility, available range of motion, spacticity etc. Some times if you separate your feet apart your legs will in effect fall into themselves so your knees are touching or you can angle them so they fall against your chair so the chair holds them up. I have a buddy whose left leg always falls/flops to the side so he uses his teeth to clamp on to his pants holding the leg up which works well for him.

                  My left arm(sorry for the bad angle) is essentially pushing off the floor then moves up to my cushion after my ass lands in the chair. Also, appears counterintuitive but not having breaks actually allows you to pull the chair up under you during the transfer. So you push up, achieve the necessary height and then quickly pull the chair under you.


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                    Some of the most impressive transfers for that level lesion I've ever seen. Holy crap.
                    Phil C6
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                      my sarcasm is based purely out of jealousy.

                      but to everyone else, racer is great at explaining what he does and gives really good suggestions, so ask away.


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                        Really great demos, racer.

                        "I am a strait up C7/8ish complete SCI, so no funky magical innervation patterns here, just strong triceps, back etc"

                        Thanks for being strait up RE your level and function


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                          Originally posted by Sporty
                          and gives really good suggestions, so ask away.
                          Sir,i would like to get around from one place to another by means of a propelered cap..any suggestions?

                          Awsome vids mans


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                            Chick- Thanks so much, striking profile BTW

                            Sean- Thanks. Yea, I have considered this as an alternative means of mobility. I would suggest however you mount a propeller off one of those hats that looks like a fruit basket as it provides optimal biomechanically correct head positioning. Just watch out for the pineapple interfering with the blades



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                              wow! Those were amazing! You've definatly mastered your transfers