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"cracking down on handicapped parking violators"

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    "cracking down on handicapped parking violators"

    Has anyone tried this with any success?

    Cracking down on handicapped parking violators
    Cracking down on handicapped parking violators- Story by Kent Pierce

    (Naugatuck-WTNH, Mar. 22, 2006 8:40 PM) _ You may want to think twice the next time you want to swing into that handicapped parking place when you think no one's looking.

    In one community, your wrong deed might just be caught on camera.

    Jeff Laliberte of Naugatuck has been in a wheelchair his whole life. Thanks to a customized minivan, he gets around just fine, but the automatic ramp means he needs some extra space.

    Laliberte says, "I can't park in a regular space, because if someone parks next to me, I can't get out."

    He needs a handicapped space but sometimes those are taken up by people who are not handicapped. Nobody knows that better than the chairwoman of Naugatuck's Handicapped Commission.

    Wendy Hozer, Handicapped Commission Chairwoman, says, "Rainy days - everyone decides they're disabled on a rainy day."

    Wendy Hozer says parking in these spaces without a permit is not just an inconvenience. It's illegal. The fine is 116 dollars. The problem is enforcing it."

    About ten years ago, Naugatuck's Handicapped Commission tried something. They got some Polaroid cameras and
    took pictures of scofflaws parked in handicapped spots - but the pictures were blurry, they would run - it didn't work well. Now, there are digital cameras that work much better, but they cost money.

    Sgt. Ray Savoy, Naugatuck Police Dept., says, "So the union thought it was a good idea, so we went out and purchased three cameras for them."

    Naugatuck's Police Union bought the cameras. Jeff carries one with him and now he's on the lookout.

    Laliberte says, "We need to have proof that we don't see the proper permit, plus we also need to take a picture of the
    license plate number."

    He hasn't used it yet. Maybe he won't have to. The hope is the camera will be a deterrent to potential scofflaws.

    Wendy Hozer says, "They know there's more eyes out there watching these spots, so that they're going to think double - twice - to park in these spots."

    I think that is a Wonderful Idea....and the more publicity....the BETTER!


    At the grocery just the other day, I had a 50 year old woman parked her sports car in the closest handicapped spot to the door. I had to walk in snow, on icy pavement (it was treacherous) just to get up to the sidewalk and get to the door.

    When I came out she was loading her grocerys in the backof her car...I walked the long way right beside her because I wouldn't have been able to get the cart down off the curb, thru the snow and and stay upright getting to my I passed her, I stopped and just said "Thank you so very much for parking in my space." She made fleeting eye contact, threw the rest in as quickly as she could and she couldn't get out of there fast enough. First one I'd had in a good long while and it felt good to tell her too!

    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


      Good for you, Queen!
      We have a rear-access van, so I avoid using the handicapped spot if possible. I also see the disabled tags being overused - probably 75% of those I see getting in or out of their cars in the handicapped spots seem to be moving pretty spryly, even though they may have a tag. My wife is more forgiving (she's the one in the power chair) and says well maybe they have a heart condition and can't walk far. But at least we can call in when theres an untagged car in the handicap spot.
      - Richard


        It is funny that their heart condition requires that they park close to the store yet they can walk around in the store for hours. I've seen it.


          Originally posted by ricandshe
          It is funny that their heart condition requires that they park close to the store yet they can walk around in the store for hours. I've seen it.

          I can't help but wonder why a cardiologist would recommend regular exercise, especially time on a treadmill, and then write an order for HC parking? Heart patients need exercise, not close parking. They don't need the extra wide parking slots, either.

          I brought my 92 year old Dad to his doctor a few months ago, and requested a permit for him. I was pleased to see that HC permits have gotten much more difficult to qualify for in FL than it was when I got mine 2 years ago!


            It's amazing what people will do ...

            I was at Blockbuster last week and where there drop slot is located is right in front of the handicap spots. I observed two people use the spot to park and drop there movie off. As I left, I politely reprimanded the person as to the error of their way. All they could say was "I'm sorry, I was just dropping off my movie ..."


              I want to remind everyone to use caution when confronting the idiots that illegally parked in HC parking areas. Several years ago while on vacation in a beach resort I had one nut case pull a gun on me. The jerk had parked in the access area beside my clearly marked and tagged w/c van in a Walmart parking lot. We had the store politely "page" the driver, and I went out of my way to be polite to him when he came out to move his truck. I explained to him about w/c lifts, and that the access area was there due to the room they require to be used. Talk about someone getting into a snit, he moved his truck, right into someone else's' access area. Then he started ranting about how "crips" think they own the whole world, and as he got out of his truck he reached behind the seat and took out his gun, pointing it at me! Someone else saw this and called the police, needless to say he fled the scene. By the time the cops caught up with him he had ditched his gun, and tried to say that I was the one with a problem. To make a long story shorter, he got off scott free, he wasn't even arrested, and I was advised to be more careful! What a wonderful way to start a vacation, not!
              Linda H.


                I received this from a friend, and felt it appropriate to add to a parking thread. This is the most recent one, so it gets the pic.


                  nice sign and def. to the point..

                  Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

                  If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia


                    I constantly worry what new residents are thinking when my son's truck is parked in a h/c spot nearby the apt. and I am the one who is getting in and out of it the majority of the time but...if I park behind the garage, he would have to first move the truck if I wasn't around to get his car out, etc. etc.
                    As well, the other day he needed to use the truck to help a friend move but wanted to come and switch vehicles while I was at work with his car...with the way the mall lot can be, even if I would've chose to park way out away from everyone that early in the day, by the afternoon it would've been car next to car filled, so I parked in an h/c spot...but was sooo embarassed and rushed getting out of the car wondering what people were thinking to go into work, I was twice shamed when I had to go back and check to see if I locked it...what I am trying to say is that there are times there are reasons but as we all know more often there isn't a legit reason for someone ab in doing so. I felt sooo bad when I came out to find his day hadn't allowed him to switch vehicles (his car much easier to transfer chair in and out of) and here I had taken a spot for hours when I hadn't needed too. GAWD!!!
                    What I see even more is people who block the ramps in and out of the mall. Here they don't even have them marked, let alone painted...they say they are following code when I've inquired...I think they lie.
                    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.


                      Tessie, there is a difference between you and some 50-something rich chick in high heels parking her mercedes in a HC spot.

                      Boog goes through the same thing when he parks in a HC spot to p/u drop me off. The place it happened most was when I was working at the hospital. We would park in a HC spot, then he would walk me to my office. (Just that extra 5-10 min with me in the morning, he says.) He said he's got some strange looks when he's come back out to get into the van.

                      The worst one I've experienced as far as an AB in a HC spot, was teh woman who parked in the hashmarks up against my van. I was working that day, then had 15 min to get to class. I went to HR at the hospital and had the owner paged bc I couldn't get in my van. She made me 1/2 hour late for class. When she did finally show up, she laughed and said "oh sorry, I was visitng a handicapped friend who's in the hospital." I said, "so she's admitted here, and u are visiting? Why are you in a HC spot?" She responded with "Well, because I have her sticker!" She didn't see a darn thing wrong with it. I informed her that she wasn't even in a HC spot, she blocked my van and "thanks for making me late for class. I've been waiting for you for 45 minutes." She heard the pages, but ignored them. She said figured she would finish her visit first then just leave instead of moving her vehicle. issed off:


                        I'm wondering if there are some kind of qualifications to getting the HC placcard or licsense plate? seem's like here in Indiana they pass them out like kid's going to the Dr. get's suckers! No joke about every 3rd car you meet has a HC plac hanging from the mirror. It is very rare to see someone who uses one that has walking difficulty's. At Wal-mart I have even quit trying to get a space, there always full. Plus I have a scooter and can ride it inside, so someone who really needs the space can have it! I see people in chairs coming from the back of the lot's just because of it, and they really could have used the spots.

                        Guess what I am asking is What quailifies you to be or get a HC status?


                          Yep, it seems like a lot of them at Walmart are "fat ladies with canes". It's like they get so overweight that they have trouble walking so they just give up. One day, one of those FLWC got the last handicapped space. I parked nearby and got out of the car with my lofstrands. By the time I got in the store, she had taken the last scooter-cart. So I grabbed a regular shopping cart and pushed it around the store like a walker. And said to myself, "at least I CAN walk and I'm getting better. That lady (and others like her) will just continue to get worse, because they don't even try." The only thing was that in Walmart, I had a few scary moments when people who weren't watching where they were going almost knocked me over. Oh well, I wouldn't mind owning a Walmart . . . .


                            HC Parking Violators

                            This is and always will be an issue for us!

                            Maybe we can't put flyers on offenders cars but we can put these
                            "HC signs" I've seen in here the (highly educational...hee hee) ones in OUR cars or side windows or back windows for better awareness.

                            We just have to calmly and without anger, educate them (pick'em
                            off)....One At A Time!

                            I don't so much mind the ones who say...have had a heart problem for
                            years and their restricted activites have "plumped" them up........
                            but blatant offenders and relatives who use it with the disabled person waiting in the vehicle just absolutely burns me.

                            Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


                              IMO, we will have a cure WAY before this problem is solved. as duge said, Dr.'s are giving stickers out like suckers. the problem is with the Dr.'s are they are giving them to anyone that asks and when they expire, who police's that? no one does because it takes someone actually giving a damn...

                              Jadis, having someone park in the hash marks happens to me weekly.. i am such a mild tempered person, but stupidity is what gets my goat.. last friday, 2 geniuses on motorcycles parked in the hash marks and i went ahead and let my ramp down on the Harley V-Rod.. lucky for him, it just brushed his kick stand. at this point, i could care less if it knocked his bike over.. i even have problems at the Shepherd Spinal Center... a freakin' spinal center!!!!!! ppl. just don't care..

                              about Wal-Mart... an infestation of stupidity.. the most abused place of all.. enuff said..

                              Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

                              If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia