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"cracking down on handicapped parking violators"

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    Originally posted by queen
    and relatives who use it with the disabled person waiting in the vehicle just absolutely burns me.

    guilty as charged. However, in my defense, I don't do it in places where HC spots are being competed for.


      I will empty my leg bag on thier tires to mark my territory.


        My best one is when we went to the bank and the entire parking lot was empty. We came out of the bank and a lady with a kid parked not only in the handicap spot next to us, she was so close we couldn't put the ramp down. This is why I don't want my husband to go out alone and get stuck. I went back in the bank and told her to move. She made me wait 15 minutes, came out and didn't even back out enough for my husband to get in the van. I waved her back a little more, we squeezed in the van and she pulled right back into the handicap spot! Did she not see what we just went through? A lot of people just don't get it. Maybe I will carry a camera!
        The veterans have a great winshield flyer that I use, it looks like a ticket and explains what they did wrong. Sometimes we sit and wait for the person to come out and find it. They see it, look real scared when they think it's a ticket, then toss it in their backseat. It doesn't do much but you should get some.


          Call the buggers in and get them ticketed. That doesn't happen nearly enough. Although I like the bag idea. Particularly on/in a convertible!
          - Richard


            Originally posted by 2jazzyjeff
            about Wal-Mart... an infestation of stupidity.. the most abused place of all.. enuff said..
            Yep, Wal-Mart is the absolute worst! And they usually have quite a few spaces too!

            Originally posted by Hunker
            I will empty my leg bag on thier tires to mark my territory.
            better yet, empty your leg bag into an empty water bottle or fast food plastic cup and throw it on the door handle! haha

            I have left so many notes on people's cars it's not even funny. But it gets disheartening when you have left a note on someone's car three times and you still see them needlessly park in the spots.

            Last semester, a girl in my class who's 100% healthy parked her Toyota Tacoma in one of two handicap spots right outside our classroom every single day. I tried leaving a note. Then I called campus police and asked them to look into it, to see if the placard really belonged to her. I saw a cop talk to her about it, but she continued to park there. On the last day of class, I noticed she didn't have her placard up this time so I called it in. Sure enough, after class I looked and she had a ticket on her windshield! It didn't make a difference though, because I still see the bitch's truck parked in HC spots all the time.

            Sometimes I wish the HC spots weren't in such plain view so I could key the bastards' cars.

            Seriously, I am getting ready to take it to the next level somehow. If people are going to keep abusing handicap parking, and doctors and lawmakers aren't going to do anything about it, then I think it's time to up the ante. I don't have an exact plan yet, and I don't want to just make an empty threat here, but I am going to find a way to discreetly damage cars of repeat offenders. I don't want to completely ruin anybody's ride or cause extensive damage; just enough to slightly fuck it up. (along the lines of keying, causing a flat, busting a taillight, etc etc.)

            If anyone has any ideas, I'm game.


              Roofing nails work great. Just toss them down on the ground behind a tire or two. They always manage to land business end up.


                [quote=MattGimpin]Yep, Wal-Mart is the absolute worst! And they usually have quite a few spaces too!

                Walmart does have alot of spaces!! there is about 20 at the one we visit. and in a town of 4,000 or less..... there can't be that many handicapped people there all the time!! Still make me wonder if it's not the problems with the Dr's handing them out so easily??? I don't even try to use them anymore I park in the back and ride my scooter. It's just that they are SO abused it makes you want to laugh when you see it.

                oh, there used to be one couple who had a HC placard and would have the #1 parking spot. Thing is they would stay there in the store all day to socialize, they were both retired and had nothing else to do evidently


                  There have been time times where the thought of using my lift like a pile- driver has tempted me greatly. But, the thought of damging those fickled micro switches is enough to cool those thoughts. There have been a few times where I had a tight squeze getting back into my van where I know I left a few scratches on the sides of cars parked illeaglly that I didn't lose any sleep over. I used to have a stack of those cards that look like tickets, and I did use some of them. On the flip side I've gotten some nasty notes left on my windshield by AB drivers who didn't like how close I had to park to their cars. I had one confront me in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in, I told him he needed to complain to the hotel about the parking lot layout not me.

                  What's the most frustrating is when you do call the police to get someone ticketed and they refuse to do anything. You can forget getting cars in mall/shopping centers ticketed most of the time. It's private property, the best you can hope for is that they have an agressive towing policy, some do, but most are to afraid of offending customers. I will give credit where it is do, the Delaware State Fair is very pro-active about hc parking. If you have a hang card or tag you'd better have the person it belongs to in the vehicle, they have troopers checking all vehicles entering the hc parking area. They do try very hard to leave enough room between the vans, but if you are parked-in they have someone who will move your van out where you can get into it.
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                    'removed- because it was a dumb thing for me to do and I shouldn't repeat it'

                    I was young, I was stupid. Not something I would suggest doing.
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