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    Hi my name is Anthony but please call me tony.I am new here and would like to say HI to all.
    From the top,July 25,2004 in Chapel Hill,N.C., I was the manager and a service tech. of Wilson's Automotive Repair.A friend had called me at the shop around closing time(6pm) and reminded me that a mutual friend was playing with his band at a club that nite.Having alot of work at shop I decided that I would work till his band was about an hour before going on (about 11pm) so I left at 10.Instead of going home to change I just went with uniform on and jumped in company truck (cause i could) and stopped on way to pick up the friend.Got to the club,listened to them(was good),had a few beers,went back stage,left about 1:45 am,dropped friend off and proceeded home.Alittle after 2am I was about 2 miles from home,I was halfway thru a curve when all of a sudden I had a Deer jump in the middle of the road,I cut the steering wheel hard and fast and the rear tires broke loose off the pavement as the truck went into a spin.By the time I had gained back control of the truck it was to late (55+brickwall+head on= NOT GOOD!!!).Still not doing good with it,now im living in las vegas with family for the help and support but im missing what all I had,I know my friends will always be great for me as usual but I REALLY loved my job (I was about 30 days from closing out the purchasing of the business and property.
    Well anyway,I'm C6-C7 now and looking to find anything that will help me possibly walk again,wherever I have to go and do.Ummmmmm....I'm 5'8",135 lbs.(ok maybe 140),light brn hair,blue eyes.One website I have is now I'm working on and I also have two chatrooms in (unclebobscabin + wrenchysroom), and sell on ebay.Well I think I've said enough for now except I hope to make new friends here.Thank you for your time and have a nice day/evening

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    Welcome Tony.


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      Just one big to CC Forums. I hope this site helps answer any questions you may have and you certainly make lots of friends.
      Sad to see ya here, but so glad you found this site, the nurses, Dr. 'Wise' Young, fondly known as "Wise" along with all of us members will help you in anyway we can.

      Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


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        Hey Tony, welcome to Care Cure. Those deer are a cause for many SCI's I'm sure. They taught us at work to just hit them straight on with the big semi trucks because there was a good chance of hitting the ditch instead. If that was the case I would have hit 2 moose and three deer. I only hit one deer, well I swerved like I did with the rest but in ran into the side of the rear tires. It did more flips than a gold metal winning olympic gymnist. Did you at least get the deer? I would mount it on the wall I think.

        I hope Vegas is treating you well, taker easy Tony.


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          Welcome, Tony.


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            Welcome Tony


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              Welcome bro
              Im also anthony