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U2 Rocks On!!

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    U2 Rocks On!!

    Last April we purchased tickets to te U2 in December in Omaha. That wait was toture and on top of that we lost the tickets for a time being. How they jumped out of a drawer and over to a dresser 8 feet away I will not figure it out, but it was ALL worth it.

    Ya know me...I do not like to sit high and at big venues you have to if ya are in a wheelchair so I said I would take my chances and sit on the floor. U2 has a circle stage and I don't know if they do it or if it's the venue, but they have a lottery for 200 people and their guests to get in the circle. The lottery is to prevent people from camping out days in advance to be the first in the doors. Dad and I got in line with this nice couple and we went through this maze of scanning tickets. Had like 3 wristbands on by the time we got through it. We could see who was winning circle tickets. Screaming, hugging, and we made a deal with the couple that if whoever won we would take each other. Dad was a head of me and low behold his ticket was a WINNER!!! Get another wristband and we get to go int he circle!!!

    I was 5 feet from The Edge!!! It was SO hella cool watching him play guitar!! They have a catwalk that goes all around the arena and so I couldn't see Bono all that well. I did get a couple of smiles from The Edge which was sweet and one from Bono. I didn't get on stage. The girls that got on were under the age of 15. I'm TOO old!

    The concert was AMAZING. They did all the hits and they did a song about a girl from...gosh can't remember...but they wrote it with Luciano Pavarati (I have no idea how ya spell his name) and Bono called him a big man with a big voice and if we could let him try and do his part as he was learning Italian. It was so fucking cool! They did I Will Follow about 4 songs in and that song is so fun no matter who is doing it!! They did 3 or 4 encores and did I say it was just AMAZING.

    Kanye West was the opener. WTF were they thinking when letting him open? At intermission I called a few people and told them I would have more fun at a gynecologist exam or drilling screws into my body!! I hate rap and this guy was so full of himself. All his songs sounded the same. I know he has a song called Gold Digger, but had the ask the little girl next to me who was obviously into him which song it was...LOL!!

    It was very fortunate that we won the circle seats cuz I would have never been able to see at the normal floor seats. I also got a guitar pic from the Edge's guitar tech.

    I wore my lower v cut sparkly pinkish top with blackish jeans and when U2 hit the stage the dropped red, white, and silver glitter papers and of course one SO goes down my shirt!!! I'm like it's staying there as a memento until I get back to the hotel. Was NOT going to go digging for it. Got back to the hotel...had two surprises with the girls. I kept them! They are going with the tickets and many wristbands we got to get into the circle.

    I got a bunch of pics...mostly of the Edge and I will post them once I get them uploaded.
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    ROCK ON!

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      Way to go Kristi.

      I saw U2 here in Denver this past Feb? and having seen them 3 or 4 times over the past decade I was very impressed with the show too. They never disappoint.

      Too funny on KW


        Saw them in the spring in Seattle; will see them again on Monday in Portland. Love them! Cool that you got into the ellipse.


          Totally cool, Kristi!

          The Kanye craze escapes me, but I really AM too old LOL. Rolling Stone had him as one of the albums of the year, and Novie likes him, but blehhhh...

          Did U2 do Bloody Sunday?
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            Yes, they did Bloody Sunday during the second encore and as they were leaving the stage the crowd was still singing it.

            Still HELLA COOL!!
            "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean


              Can't wait to see the pix - love U2!


                sweetness. i saw them in minneapolis in september. its a great tour.

                u were very lucky to get so close.
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                  well Barenaked Ladies are coming to the MTS center so after work I get to go up and have a peak! (i know its no U-2 concert, but hey, still fun!)

                  thats pretty swank kristi