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    i'm excited for it to get cold here again so i can wear jeans. i have way more cold weather clothes then summer clothes (when i live in sundresses, comfy but i'm sick of finding something to put underneath them so my legs don't fly open). as far as jeans go i have to shop at a special store called 'tall girl'. i'm 6'3" and have a 41" inseam. i wear usually a size 3. can't ever, ever buy pants in a normal store. i hated it in middle and high school, now that i found 'tall girl' i can get regular styles that fit, hooray! i do have a couple pair that were always my thin fitting "stylish" ones that aren't as comfy in my chair. i'm mobile enough to prevent pressure sores so someday i might suck it up and wear them, nothing like a little vanity ha ha.


      wow, longest inseam I've found for girls is at (a sister company of Delia's) and that's a 37. (I've got long legs too)
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