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Have You Ever Appeared In The Media?

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  • Have You Ever Appeared In The Media?

    I quite often see articles in my "women's" magazines, about people who have become SCI.

    Have any CareCurers spoken to national publications about their life after injury?

    Just curious!

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    I've been on national news twice. The first time was a year before my accident, an article on 'those crazy bike messengers working in January in 3 feet of snow' which was on our CTV affiliate which I know was broadcast in BC and Quebec.

    The other one was on CBC about a year and a half after my accident, I was used as an example of why bike messengers need a union.

    I think my accident made the evening news as well, because I remember my doctor coming and saying, 'Well, you made the news.'


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      yep several times about my rugby team. 2 different news channels followed me around school while in college then one came back and followed me around work after i graduated.
      everything was because i started and organized the only rugby team in ne ohio. so total, 4 tv interviews and several newspaper articles. it was cool being followed around at school. it was also cool being filmed at work.

      we also got decent press while doing a few fund raisers. we played the medina county sheriffs k9 unit and played the teachers at my old jr. high rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
      sponsored handcycle racer


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        2 times. Firstly when I met Sen. Clinton and more recently during the State Attorney's decision to turn a certain case over to a Grand Jury.
        Nothing to do w/SCI, though.


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          Hmmm, First when Senator Hatch came out in favor of stem cells in 2001. That was a press conference on Capitol Hill. The entire thing flew by the evening news as Katherine Graham, the owner of the Washington Post newspaper, died that day. I did see my shoes on CNN. :-) A couple letters to the editors' of the Post and Times when certain topics pop up. I've been called for several interviews and quotes also. IMPORTANT! Make sure you know the way a magazine or newspaper slants things before any interviews. Been awhile now so guess I need to get off my duff.

          Oh and the Ronnie Mack Show in Madison, WI when I was 7 or so for a birthday party. :-)
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          Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.


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            I've been in Dragster Magazine and on ESPN because I was a part of a wheelchair give-a-way in 2003. We were on the starting line of Bandimere Speedway when the top fuel dragsters were running. Couldn't breathe for 20 mins but it was well worth it! FUN STUFF!!!

            In 5th grade, I was on the local news. I got picked to interview/report on a prominent person in our community....that's when my love for mass medias started to boil.

            And our wreck was on the was all screwed up. Saying that WE were the ones who were drunk, when we weren't. Another reason for me wanting to write/report--to make sure the REAL story gets out.
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              Just for the rally in April. A lot of carecure people got press for that.
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                Yes i have appeared a couple times over the years, mostly local paper and T.V. Once was about wheelchair basketball(1980) another time was a 10k relay(1975). About 2 years ago on CTV Alberta concering handicapped housing.
                A couple parades in between. I think it all helps to educate the public.
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                  Our accident made the news(like carries they said we were drinking and also messed up the ages) Then we were on again when our friends dad flew us home for grad in his helicopter kind of a follow up thing
                  sorry about no punctuation my keyboards acting up