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A Frosty Brew to Help Smokers Quit?

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    A Frosty Brew to Help Smokers Quit?

    This could go in food, but I remember a topic about quitting smoking a while back.

    STUTTGART, GERMANY -- How about the taste of combining beer with nicotine?
    A new beer has been launched by German company Nautilus that claims to help smokers kick the habit by infusing nicotine into the brew.

    According to a press release, NicoShot is not necessarily a cure for smoking, but it can help smokers make lifestyle changes "without having to walk out of the bar for a quick smoke to deal with sudden withdrawal symptoms."

    NicoShot contains a shot of natural nicotine, equivalent to a few regular filtered cigarettes. One 250 ml can of NicoShot contains 6.3 percent alcohol by volume. The press release notes that three cans of the brew are comparable to an entire pack of cigarettes.

    "Similar to nicotine gum, NicoShot is considered nicotine replacement therapy that provides a steady, controlled release of nicotine," notes the press release. "It can be used to relieve withdrawal symptoms at the beginning of quitting, to relieve urges from cigarette smoke (cravings) while quitting, or to avoid relapse months after quitting when a new stress or situation may trigger a strong urge to smoke."
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    So, quit smoking and become an alcoholic.
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.